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Tumble through a colourful whirling vortex and find yourself transported into a new enchanting world awaiting your arrival.

Bryce and his friends, Johnny and Zack, are all in hospital yet again with another turn of the unusual dizzy spells they share that no doctor can diagnose. The trio quickly discover that this hospital visit is unlike any other as the strange coincidences don't stop there; each of them has an odd encounter with the same mysterious and dangerous stranger. As a battle breaks out over the fates of the boys lives, they are transported to a new realm, Endland. In this unfamiliar world with their newfound special abilities, the children are far more important to this new world than they first realise.

First impressions of a book count, and that includes all the extra details the author has incorporated into the pages. An audible squeal of excitement escaped when I flipped over the page and saw the inclusion of a map! The additional page décor completed the overall design of the book resulting in a highly polished product. This set my expectations high and I am pleased to say that the writing did not disappoint!

The writing style has a familiar yet refreshing feel, with humorous dialogue reminiscent of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, and a great sense of atmospheric world building akin to J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. McPherson knows how to write strong action sequences that propels the story forward with delectable anticipation. The world he has created is expansive yet incredibly detailed. In a world such as this one, with a large array of components: people, factions and cities, it is easy to become lost in a sea of never ending information being bombarded at the reader. But in this book, the author guides the reader through every part clearly and concisely to avoid that happening, to great success! I never once felt overwhelmed or confused.

There is a juxtaposition of the modern-day with a high fantasy setting as the two worlds are crossed over and explored through the eyes of Bryce, Johnny and Zack. We are introduced to a whole host of characters, including those you would expect from a fantasy novel: wizards, orcs, elves, and the like. Every new addition brings their own interesting backstory and is given the time to explore their parts, which enriches the overall tale. The overarching villain is intriguing, with only snippets of their character being revealed, it will be interesting to see where the author will take them next.

I became very quickly invested in the story that has been set up ready for the next instalment, and I shall be eagerly awaiting my return to Endland in the sequel. I am unsure who the target audience is; at times the young adult genre felt fitting, yet other occasions called for more of an adult audience. However, I feel that any reader, particularly those with a fondness for fantasy, can enjoy this book from teen through to adult.

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Nick McPherson is a husband and father, which are and will always be his greatest accomplishments. He is also a fantasy genre nerd, a video game enthusiast, an engineer, a hater of yardwork, a lover of frozen custard, and most recently an author. view profile

Published on February 05, 2022

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