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Chilly Winds, A Chincoteague Intrigue


Loved it! 😍

A thriller with an appealing hero, which is set home and abroad with great description, characters and sense of place with a well-paced plot

There is much to like about Chilly Winds and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Taz Blackwell is a great hero to follow: a man with principle but not rigidly so; attractive to the ladies and not backward in charming them; vulnerable but not weak; a man of appetites and someone that you would want on your team, for sure.

He is complimented in this book by a supporting cast of fellow island dwellers who share sharp dialogue and good conversation and Yeager’s realistic portrayal of Taz’s friendships adds much to this book, in some ways even more than the plot.

That is not to say that the plot is lacking in any way as Taz is drawn to deal with situations both on his home turf and internationally, the action of the book developing in both places. This was something that concerned me as having too much going on can sometimes lead to a book becoming conflicted in what it is trying to achieve: too many plots, too many characters, too many situations can work against each other but I needn’t have worried. Yeager is able to move Taz between the two plots effortlessly, incorporating Taz’s attempts at love too seamlessly into the narrative as well, it all flowing at a steady pace.

In addition, Yeager is accomplished in his creation of place. Chincoteague Island and its environment, the people that inhabit it, the restaurants, the birds, the entertainment at the book store – all intertwine to give the island a comfortable feeling in you as a reader, a feeling like you could step in to it and recognise places from Yeager’s descriptions. For me, this is the novel’s greatest strength as it is immersive and that is certainly something that I look for in a book.

A stylistic device that Yeager employs is that he uses song lyrics throughout the text. It reminded me of John Rebus in Ian Rankin’s books where music that is chosen to be mentioned is a part of the narrative, here used to convey the mood of Taz or the situations that he finds himself in and adding a learned quality to the narrative are the timely literary references that Yeager places in the text as well.

All that is left to add is that as a reader, I would be keen to visit Chincoteague Island again and the subsequent endeavours of Taz Blackwell.

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Published on December 10, 2020

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