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Children of Little Might


Worth reading 😎

Action and intrigue abound in this nimble, eminently engaging fantasy with an unusual hero.

“Obey every rule and then don’t.”


Fresh and original, this absorbing fantasy focuses on Montague “Monty” Glupie, an autistic sixteen year-old with a gift for translation and language. As in, multiple languages. In fact, Monty has spent five years transplanting a mysterious manuscript that no one else could understand.


His best – and only – friend, Storm “Sherwin” gets around in a wheelchair. Aislinn is his “dream' Paper Girl. She suddenly shows up in Monty's high school without warning or preamble. Did she really materialize after Monty wished her into existence? What about irascible school principal, “Damon Royal"? (His name has a double meaning that’s divulged later.) And what’s up with Bill the Sheriff? Why does Monty hates the color red?


Meanwhile, Monty’s father has… disappeared. His Mom has been kidnapped. And there’s an Open Door into another world and a kingdom teetering on the verge of usurpation by… well. You’ll have to turn the pages yourself to figure that out.


Anyway, it gets really crazy when Monty, Storm, and Princess Aislinn uncover a plan to usurp the King’s throne and hold the Royal Family hostage. Villainous powers will stop at nothing to find an elusive key that opens a mysterious door – and more.


As events unfold, one question lingers:Is autism Monty’s super power?


With magic, an enchanted kingdom, “palace intrigue” and a kingdom under siege, there’s plenty of action in this quick-moving fantasy. Also invisible body guards. Icy dungeons. Sandstorms. Lying, deceit, and betrayal. Loyalty, love, and sacrifice. Rescue in unexpected places. The plot has a Darkest Part of the Forest, Twilight Zone, Mandalorian feel to it in places.


The author has a command of the language and is well-versed in etymology. Vivid descriptions and robust characterizations abound. Prodigious world-building skills are evident throughout each chapter as Monty and his friends battle other-worldly armies while enemy legions dog their every step. Just when all hope seems lost, Monty…


Oh, wait. To find that out, you’ll have to read the book.


This title will resonate with readers who enjoy fantasies featuring adventures in other worlds, original settings, and unlikely heroes. Some readers may find the story a bit overlong and occasionally verbose, to the point of redundant. Overall, however, this is a remarkable achievement for a debut novel. Keep an eye on this author. He’s going places.

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While I write Young Adult Fantasy, I read in many different genres to hone my craft. I mostly love fantasy, but a good science-fiction or historical novel pass my desk on occasion as well. view profile

Published on September 02, 2021

Published by Rhetaskew Publishing

60000 words

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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