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Child of Gilead


Loved it! 😍

Star bright, star light, what a wonderful read "Child of Gilead' is with its dramatic, passionate flair of being bold!

Oh, Douglas Reed, author of ‘Child of Gilead,’ this 60,000 word song – and yes, it should be classified as a song for it played a dramatic, sensual tune – is one that any reader, no matter what they say or believe, would enjoy.

Hannah is an exceptional character, who loves her child, and wants nothing but the best in whatever pursuits her child undertakes. “Take the road less traveled, my son. Always. No exceptions.” That very piece of advice becomes a mantra of vital importance for Hannah, and her child, and well, it is essential to the story. For Hannah, the road less traveled involves an urgent method of protection and safety, while at the same time, those words unveil a method of living a purposeful life. But Hannah just wants to live life, and make sure the most precious gift, her child, has that as well.

Now, there is explicit content, and for someone who has chosen the genres of African-American fiction, Christian fiction, Southern fiction and biographies, this was a little different read for me. But I found Douglas Reed’s writing to be nothing harmfully ‘dirty,’ rather realistic and interesting. I would recommend this for those over the age of 21, and perhaps, as a rainy day, or Friday night when you are by yourself kind of read. Maybe a very adult book club would enjoy it. Who knows? Either way, I will say there are some parts that might make you blush.

Each page reveals a layer of the most beautiful gift wrap that Douglas Reed designed and created with his ink and his paper. And talk about passion, talk about mystery, talk about drama and just talk about the book all you want. Blush, fan yourself, and wonder why in the world this book scorched my creative sense.

After you take time to read it fully, you will see it is a worthy read for sure.

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About the author

Douglas S. Reed is an educator and author. He holds a B.S. in Communications Management from Syracuse University and a M.S. in Primary Education from Lehman College. The author lives quietly and peacefully on the beautiful island of Bermuda with his wife Lisa and stepchildren Mia & Jalen. view profile

Published on July 28, 2020

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Literary Fiction

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