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Chasing the Pain: A Marty Singer Mystery (#8)


Loved it! 😍

Crooks, con men, and drug dealers, can retired cop Marty Singer find the truth and his friend before it's too late?

Chasing the Pain is the eighth and most current book in the Marty Singer series. Within we get a first person perspective in the form of Marty and learn a small snapshot of his life as a former DC homicide detective. Retired, Marty seems to fall into cases needing his outside expertise and experience. When former US Marshal Karl Schovasa (appeared in book six - Once Was Lost) goes missing, Marty gets a phone call from Karl's ex-wife Elizabeth Reynolds. 

While not having read the first seven books in this series, I was quickly able to adapt to the characters, current storyline, and background information. Although some information is given about their past work experience and present-day situations, we're given just enough to help us understand and continue reading but not an overload of narrative. This helps ease the reader in and not bombard them with an overabundance of unnecessary info. 

Marty strikes out to find the missing Karl and starts with a sweep of his house and personal effects. This leads him to a clinic Karl appears to have visited. Slowly, our main character works out the puzzle pieces and finds himself on his way to Florida and another addiction clinic. Along the way, he meets a few colorful and quirky individuals who provide him with information, support, and assistance in his mission to locate his almost-old-friend. 

Marty becomes a likeable character as you read, and although I never felt a deep and abiding connection to him - as one hopes to with a character, I liked his grit and determination. He was a worthy personality with relatable stories and qualities. Another enjoyment in the story was how it didn't quite end with a bow wrapped around it. It held a twist, that while I saw it coming, didn't strike me fully until the scene before it was revealed. Overall, I couldn't put this book down. Did I mention I'm already downloading the first seven? 

All in all, if you enjoy noir-esque, hard-boiled, private investigator mysteries with a Philip Marlowe meets Jack Reacher type of vibe, then this series will be your cup of tea. I encourage you to read it and find out why I rated it a 4/5 "really liked it." I'm sure you'll find several reasons of your own. 

Thanks to the author and Reedsy Discovery for the ARC copy of Chasing the Pain.

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Matthew Iden is the author of the Marty Singer Mysteries as well as several acclaimed stand-alone novels, including The Winter Over, a psychological thriller set in the 24-hour darkness of a South Pole winter, and Birthday Girl, in which a homeless man must save a young girl from a serial kidnapper. view profile

Published on February 01, 2021

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