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Charlie the City Chicken Visits a Farm


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"Charlie the City Chicken Visits a Farm" bold illustrations and simple text make this a must-read for children birth to six years!

Making friends can be tricky for all ages. Children get into cliques, and new members of a class, team, club, or school frequently shy away from introducing themselves, fearing rejection. Like in Charlie the City Chicken Visits a Farm, there will be times when rejection happens, but this rhyming story teaches children to persevere. One day, with patience, they will find a friend. 

Charlie the chicken called the city his home. His home was loud with tall buildings, the polar opposite of the life he longed to live. One day, Charlie decided to walk to a nearby farm. Children will love the illustration of a hat-wearing chicken kicking up his foot while a couple of mice dine close by on a plate of pancakes topped with blueberries. The other drawings were also brilliantly drawn with bold color choices. 

When Charlie finally arrived at the farm, he met many animals, but also a challenge. Every animal he meets ignores him, including a hen. Charlie felt like he was doing something wrong. Children who've experienced the new friendship woes might wonder if they are "doing something wrong" too. They might want to "give up" like Charlie almost did. 

Charlie the City Chicken Visits a Farm teaches children that making friends takes patience. Also, friends come in all sizes, colors, and shapes! 

Amazon lists Charlie the City Chicken Visits a Farm by Helen McKeon for listeners birth to six years. This age bracket is perfect for multiple reasons. Babies will love the colors! Toddlers can use this story to learn farm animal names and their corresponding sounds. Three and four-year-olds will adore listening to the chicken's adventure. Finally, the simple, rhyming text is perfect for new readers (five and six-year-olds). 

I recommend you share this story with your child and class. Teach them to treat others with kindness.  

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"Charlie the City Chicken Visits a Farm" is a heart-warming children's book about a curious chicken named Charlie who decides to explore a nearby farm. During his adventure, Charlie initially struggles to connect with the farm animals and feels out of place. However, through the power of play, Charlie discovers common ground with the animals and learns valuable lessons about making friends and breaking down barriers.

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Published on March 19, 2023

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