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Cathedral of Silver: The Galaxies Saga Book One


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An exciting and cozy science fiction adventure with many intriguing characters.

Cathedral of Silver by Ian Wall was a cozy and exciting sci-fi read. It was easy to read because it had limited jargon that was hard to pronounce or remember. In addition, many of the characters had short and simple names, making it ideal for newcomers to the genre. However, it also had suspense, compelling action scenes, and sprawling vista settings to engage any reader. There were a few minor line editing errors, and the character development depth could have been better. However, on the whole, Cathedral of Silver is a well-crafted story.

The reader embarks on a journey through the stars on new and original worlds along with the main character Paul and other point of view characters as the story progresses. The multiple PoV format suited the story well as the reader gets initial glimpses of different areas of politics and worldbuilding in an authentic manner. As the story progresses, the separated PoV’s slowly draw closer, creating a cohesive structure to the text. Each PoV character has their own dynamic elements in describing their appearances and characteristics and how they interact with the world in which they live. Ian Wall has great light prose that is accessible and descriptive so that the unique settings are vivid.

The various characters of Cathedral of Silver are unique from each other. Ian Wall did an excellent job of developing them as individuals rather than many sides of the same coin. There was growth and development in the characters, although, for the most part, it wasn’t overly significant growth. More importantly, the characters had understandable and relatable traits, meaning that it can be easy to have one or more favorites as the story progresses.

           There was a satisfying touch of suspense to the plot as Paul goes from encountering the first obelisk to pursuing the secret meaning behind them that his rival was willing to die to show him. Each new character, from the charming Olasqy, to bright and deep thinking Martha and playfully menacing Rex, helps add layers of dramatic irony as the answers slowly unfold and come together. Ian Wall hits the major plot points a story needs while still having meaningful subplots.

Cathedral of Silver is an accessible sci-fi adventure for people beginning their foray into the genre while still having compelling elements that sci-fi veterans will enjoy. It is an easy read, perfect for a sci-fi fix while trying to relax while still being suspenseful and exciting. It is a great vacation book.

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Ian Wall is a third-generation writer, so he often jokes that his love for the art is genetic. His imagination was sparked while playing video games as a child and has been writing stories ever since. view profile

Published on March 18, 2022

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