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Loved it! 😍

Great setting, strong females, diverse characters, a touch of romance (both MF and WLW).

Even though this is the first book I've read in Shrum's Shadows in the Water series, this fourth installment reads clean enough to be a stand alone while also enticing me to go read the first three books!

As a fan of Jeff Lindsay's Dexter series, I am excited by Lou as a female character who has turned her inclinations to kill other serial killers.

The paranormal aspects in the book are also well-done without turning the book into a "paranormal" thriller – Shrum's talent here is that she uses elements without going overboard. While Lou can travel through space and time by stepping in the shadows, Melandra is a card reader with clear psychic abilities, and Piper is obviously out and proud; those paranormal traits are simply things we know about those characters. The result? The book presents readers with a variety of strong female characters who are distinguishable from each other as individuals.

I love anything set in New Orleans if the setting is used well; Shrum uses the setting well here, and even though it's set during Mardi Gras season she doesn't just go with standard fare – for instance, I love that King is all about packzi and not King Cake. And, nary a syrupy Hurricane shows up. The actions and preferences of the locals reads authentically, as does the presentation of the tourist traffic and the locals' tolerance of them.

The book is well-balanced, well-paced, and a fun read. I can see the loose thread ends Shrum likely will pick up in book 5. While I wait for the next installment, you can find me catching up on books 1-3, which are available in a handy eBox set!

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Kory M. Shrum is the author of thirteen novels, some of which are bestsellers. She writes sci-fi, fantasy, and thrillers--or often something that's all of the above. But really she's a stay-at-home dog mom. She lives in Michigan with her equally bookish wife, Kim, and their rescue pug, Charley. view profile

Published on September 30, 2019

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