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Cake: a novel


Loved it! 😍

A moving, terrifying and beautiful story, shining light on the abuse some people experience from others, or even themselves.

I was drawn to Cake because of the absolutely beautiful cover. Stunning! Then I read the synopsis of the story, and it had every ingredient from the looks of it, to serve an emotional and powerful piece of story. And that’s exactly what it did. 

We follow two women who live incredibly different lives but are both constricted because of the daily abuse they experience. Michelle has a mentally and physically abusive husband. Keeley is putting herself under the amount of unhealthy pressure to live the perfect life and the perfect look that she herself inflicts pain on herself and her family.

It is two very different stories of pain, love and mental health, but both are equally as powerful and important. 

I loved reading about how these two people's lives, and those who were closest to them, intertwined throughout the story. I was a bit worried when more and more characters were introduced with their own chapters and perspectives, afraid that it would get confusing and overwhelming. But because all the stories were as tightly connected as they were, it just added depth to the story and made it even more powerful. 

I got very invested in the two main characters. Michelle as the one I wanted to hold, rescue and comfort. Keeley as the one I wanted to shake and talk sense into. Keeley to me started out as a character I just disliked so much, but towards the end of the book, I definitely felt much more sympathy towards her and her situation.

I think Cake is a beautifully written story and a very important one. It shines the light on different kinds of abuse that is everyday life for so many women and men. It’s a good addition to the discussion of mental health issues that can go too far, and a reminder to be kind and not judge people too quickly. 

We really have no idea what goes on in other people’s lives when they are behind closed doors, or alone with their own thoughts. I thought Nicole Brooks did an amazing job of telling a story that reminds us of that fact. 

The whole story wrapped up incredibly quickly at the end, and I wish that we’d gotten to know a little bit more of the story between the big climax and the wrap up at the end of it all. But other than that, I thought it was a brilliant book with an incredibly important message. 

I felt for these characters, but even more so, it made me emotional and heartbroken for the people out there who deal with abuse on a regular basis in their real lives. Highly recommend!

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Before turning to writing, Nicole Brooks was an Environmental Scientist. Now a full-time mother, Nicole tries to fit writing into her life every minute the kids are at school. She is a hobby artist and nature enthusiast who lives with her family just outside Calgary, Alberta. view profile

Published on June 04, 2019

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