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Caged (Book 1 of the Idyllic Series)


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A dark and terrifying narrative within a world where machines have taken over and humans struggle to survive.

Caged is the first of two books in Amy Johnson’s Idyllic Series. The story follows the character Eden Cavalleri in a world where machines have gained control and humans are being captured, imprisoned in zoos, and used as lab rats in atrocious experiments. Humans now hide and live in underground tunnels, and it is Eden’s role to forage above ground in search of supplies. During one of these missions Eden is captured by machines and is imprisoned in a human zoo. Threatened by the possibility of being killed, or even worse, being turned into a machine, Eden must find the strength and determination to stay alive. 

Johnson presents a fast moving and ruthless world within this man versus machine narrative. The action promptly unfolds within the first moments of the story, and this fast paced tempo does not cease as it is continued throughout. The swiftness of the rising action at the start of the book isn’t to be taken as the author's failure in the lack of exposition, but rather a success in their ability to assert the necessary details of characters, setting and backstories in such a short timeframe.

Eden’s experiences in the zoo are difficult to follow as Johnson does not shy away from depictions of violence and brutality. This graphic nature casts a sombre feeling throughout the majority of the story. The plot itself is well crafted and wonderfully executed. Johnson’s writing style is effortless and clear, creating a flow in the narrative which is easy to follow. 

Caged is a novel fit for any readers of the science fiction genre given they have a stomach for violence and brutality. Those more sensitive to this type of content may struggle with Eden’s experiences in the human zoo, but those that are drawn into sci-fi narratives with glimpses of horror and instances of gore will not be disappointed.

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Published on January 10, 2021

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Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

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