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Buried Vapors


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Adventures within our dreams are ones we look forward to, but when they belong to someone else, things become a bit more intriguing.

Beginning his new life in the City, Ian moves into his new apartment without much furniture to call his own. His mother suggests that he reach out to his cousin Lizzie, who he has not seen in years. Lizzie, who had no recollection of her cousin Ian, was getting ready to move in with her boyfriend Regi and offered to provide Ian the opportunity to take her old furniture. Little did they know, the old mattress withheld the dreams of strangers. The entanglement of his interests in the dreams, disinterest at work, and a new love, result in more than Ian can handle.

As readers, we are constantly diving in and out of reality. Throughout this version of Magical Realism, Ian becomes involved in other characters dreams, leaving both Ian and the reader confused about what is going on. Not only are we slightly confused as readers, other characters are taken aback by Ian's sudden change in behavior and inability to care about anything else besides the dreams that join him every night.

The author, Matthew Kesselman, attempts to use section breaks as a distinction between reality and dream-like states, but it all seems like one big ball of confusion. I would have preferred if he made a better distinction between the two, but the storyline itself was one to follow.

The story takes its time to delve into all aspects of Ian's life. Although he is very shy, Ian is thoroughly intuitive to his surroundings and those who have made a recent impact in his life. This all plays into what makes this book so interesting and a piece worth reading.

Whether you enjoy Magical Realism or not, this story is one to have on your shelf. It takes you to the deepest of depths within the crevices of our minds, making it hard to find a way out. You never know, your dreams could lead you into a path you never saw coming.

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Matthew Kesselman is from New York City. After studying Commerce at the University of Virginia, he decided to write novels. To learn more about Matthew, subscribe to his YouTube channel (Matthew Kesselman) or visit view profile

Published on June 19, 2020

Published by Novel Novels LLC

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Magical Realism

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