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Building Your Financial Fortress


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Building Your Financial Fortress is a blueprint for ordinary people to achieve financial security.

Creating financial security for your family is critical in these times. In Building Your Financial Fortress, Adedayo Phillips discusses crucial steps everyone should take if they want to ensure financial security. The author shares six important lessons he learned that can benefit every person. Experience is the greatest teacher and Adedayo Phillips used his experience to teach us how to avoid certain financial pitfalls.

The 12 principles of wealth in chapter three should be memorized by everyone, starting from elementary school. There are examples in Building Your Financial Fortress that helps the reader better understand the concepts of building a financial fortress. The chapters are not too long, and the author uses simple, easy to understand language. The case studies in chapter six to eight are an added bonus because they show what is possible. Adedayo Phillips does not just speak of building a financial fortress, he shows us how to create our own financial fortress plan in chapter nine.

I totally agree with the author that there needs to be financial education in our homes, churches, and schools. Without knowledge people will perish so knowing where to start and how to start is particularly important.  The lessons in Building Your Financial Fortress start from the introduction, so you start learning as soon as you begin to read. I love this book because it is about facts and it does not offer get rich quick schemes. Instead the author offers practical and achievable goals towards financial security. There is a lot of valuable and practical information in Building Your Financial Fortress.

Building Your Financial Fortress teaches the importance of conscious and consistent planning with regards to our finances. Adedayo Phillips reminds us that no matter how much money you have if you do not understand asset allocation you can end up broke. The author further discusses the seven simple principles that can guarantee a life of wealth and prosperity, diversification, and common characteristics of security assets along with so many other valuable topics related to financial security.

No book on financial security is complete without discussing debt reduction and thankfully this is covered in chapter 10. Adedayo Phillips closes out the book with a list of resources for further learning and information. I believe the author has achieved the desired outcome for writing this book.  I therefore recommend this book to families that are interested in building financial security.

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Published on August 02, 2020

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