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Brothers Three


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Three teenage brothers become men in the Old American West as they fight to save their ranch and find their uncle.

Allen, Paul, and Chet are teenage brothers whose parents have died, and their Uncle Barnaby is their guardian. The boys, however, are usually on their own because their uncle is looking for gold. Since Allen is the oldest, he feels responsible for his brothers as well as running the ranch. It’s a huge burden for a teenager to bear, and it weighs on him heavily.

One day when Allen is out, Chet and Paul’s horses are stolen. This is just the first in a chain of events that have the brothers reeling. It seems that not only is Captain Grady after their ranch, but there is a gang looking for their uncle. Allen finally decides that he needs to track down their uncle before they lose everything or before they lose their uncle.

The boys’ characters are realistic and well developed. Allen’s serious demeanor is understandable since he feels that he is responsible for everyone and the ranch. His younger brothers are more carefree, but they help run the ranch without complaint. When their ranch and then even their lives are threatened, they keep their cool and do what needs to be done. These boys have truly grown to be men, and even Allen realizes it.  

The other characters in the story include Ike Watson, an old man who helps them and is a unique individual. Captain Grady, on the other hand, is evil and shows no redeeming qualities at all.

This story is a page turner with the different journeys the boys have to take looking for horses, horse thieves, and their uncle. There were times that it was tense such as when Chet and Paul went through a place called Demon Hollow in the middle of the night. The descriptions were enough to make me tense reading it! There were also some horrific moments that made me cringe.

Brothers Three is a young adult historical fiction novel that I recommend although it does need proofreading. 

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Dorian Rockwod is the pen name of C.W. James, which in turn is a pen name of an author living in rural Northern Nevada with two rescue cats. He enjoys hiking and movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. He has traditionally published juvenile nonfiction books, and about two dozen magazine articles. view profile

Published on August 01, 2022

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Young Adult

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