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Boy Lessons: What I've Learned From My Sons


Must read 🏆

Straight forward honesty, encouraging words, and applicable lessons of parenting in raising boys. A feel-good read that shouldn't be missed!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book for its truth, relatability, humor, insight, and wisdom. It reminded me of "Now for Gen Z" by Gramma and Grampa B. as this too is a book filled with words for the ages, important reminders, and lessons (if followed) that will help you to lead your best life with some of those you love most: Your children!

That being said, one stand-out chapter had me laughing out loud within its title alone: "God Prepares Us for Their Departure by Making Them Practically Unbearable Before They Go." This book doesn't hold anything back and lays the truth out in a manner all of us can understand, find comfort in, and rejoice that, as parents, we are not alone.

Isn't that a much needed message? To know that it's okay if our kids have idiosyncrasies; because, all kids do! To know that it's okay if our kids go through a few years of stink because of puberty and hormones that lead to literal body odor that cannot be tamed. To know that our kids are not the worst kids out there while simultaneously acknowledging that they may not be the best kids either.

Consider this book a parental boost for the ages. We can rejoice and fall into alignment on the things we read that we are doing right and commiserate on the things we read that we could do better. No one is perfect, that goes for kids and parents alike. However, within the imperfections may you discover you have been matched perfectly to those in your care; even in chaos, there is love.

This is a great read for dads and moms who are raising boys and for those parents who are raising both girls and boys at the same time. You'll walk away with take-aways that will uplift and inspire you!

Prayer is powerful, spending time with your children imperative, making yourself available for whenever your kids want to talk will encourage them to always come to you when they have a problem, are facing tough decisions, or don't know which direction to head in next. All things, as they relate to your children is time well spent.

I highly recommend this book! It may not be earth-shattering but it surely is heart-healing and encouraging. Parenthood can be tough but we were made to do hard things and for such a time as this.

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Jeff is an attorney, business owner and politician. He has tutored boys in homeless shelters in Chicago, Washington DC and Minneapolis; coached them in baseball, football and soccer; taught them in Sunday School and confirmation classes and, with his wife Sondi, raised two sons, Thor and Rolf. view profile

Published on November 11, 2020

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