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Boy In A Box


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Readers will adore the idea of a Toy-Tarium and wish to spend a day exploring the Gatherer's collection.

Have you ever been to someone's house and seen toys still enclosed in their original packaging? Did you ever think it was odd, a waste of money? Or, did you ever see the collection and think it's brilliant because one day, those items will be worth big money to a collector? I am in the latter group. However, few people have the cash and capabilities to buy and store as many items as Mara at the age of twelve. You'd have to be filthy rich to possess a Toy-Tarium like the Gatherer. He had every toy imaginable in the Kokotos Towers and still wanted more. Mara, for a while, was just like the Gatherer; however, Jack changed her priorities. 

Jack, a minuscule boy, was tricked inside a twelve-sided magic box created by Gustav Card. Gustav invented the box with good intentions of curing Heinrich of palsy. As Mara helped Jack search for his sister, Rosie, we learned how the box operates and what it takes to break free from it. We soon learn that the box comes with side effects/consequences. 

Jack has been in the box for longer than he realized (no spoilers), the world has changed much, but his heart hasn't. Jack loves his sister and must find her. Mara's character starts off valuing materialistic items over people. Her father wasn't the best example. However, in time, they both learned what or who was more important in life. 

The book's final scene, the big unveiling, was a jaw-dropping moment. I would've liked to see it immortalized in a photo. There were more scenes that I felt readers would like to see illustrated. For instance, Jack's close calls with Flavo (magpie) and Ella (ginger Maine Coon cat). But, even without the imagery, I loved the story and will happily recommend it to children, ten years and older.

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Doug Weller is a storyteller and the mind behind the Six Word Wonder collection. Boy In A Box is Doug’s second book for a younger audience. view profile

Published on May 02, 2023

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Genre: Middle Grade

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