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Born to Backslide: A Divine Struggle


Worth reading 😎

Endurance, faith, and underlying confidence are keys to persevere through the struggles before you; love thy neighbor as thyself, paramount!

Labels that people place on each other and words that people say have a profound effect. Sometimes words squelch people from being able to move forward in their lives and other times the words satan seeks to destroy you with are the very words that end up propelling you to greatness.

Andy Konigsmark has overcome adversity and hardship throughout his life. Whether it be from injuries or intellectual disabilities, he could have succumbed and decided the struggle was just too difficult to overcome; however, at each hard turn, Andy chose to dedicate himself to rise above and to prove he had it within himself to compete and to learn. How much more could we accomplish if we simply chose to never give up?

This book is funny but serious, a quick read that's substantial as well as inspirational. As the chapters progress it seems a bit disjointed, a wee bit repetitive; but, overall, it's original goodness.

The best parts of the book to me were found when the author described his experiences on a few different television shows. I grew-up during the same time period as this author and watched the original American Gladiators show. As a newlywed and subsequent new mom, who seemed to get pregnant within the first six days after being married just as Andy's wife after they married, I unfortunately missed the reboot! Thankfully Andy has a highlight reel up on his YouTube channel. It was great fun to watch this author (now reverand) in action. He is down to earth, a regular person, yet physically fit and determined. Determined to prove other people's early childhood opinions of him were wrong and determined to prove to himself that he can do hard things. The struggle is how he was prepared to live the life he leads now. Therein lays a lesson for all of us to grab hold of and to find hope within.

There are some controversial things said within this book that are lightly sprinkled throughout. Not everyone who is a Christian will agree with what is presented. However, it's important for us (as Christians) to be able to look outside of the bubbles we were raised in and to contemplate how Jesus lived his life and how we truly are meant to live our own. It's love and acceptance that transforms people. Love first, as the Lord leads through His Living Word.

A solid three stars! Definitely a book worth reading.

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Chapter 1: All Eyes on the Gladiator

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The Reverend Doctor Andy Konigsmark serves United Church of Angel Fire. He is married to Dodi, who is stronger than John Cena and a better cook than Paula Deen. When he is not playing games with his children, he is found on long bike rides, steep powder runs, and comedy clubs in his spare time. view profile

Published on September 11, 2020

Published by Apocryphile Press

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