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Born of the Sea: The Untold Story of Anne Bonny and Mary Read


Loved it! 😍

The epic love story of pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny and their adventures on the high seas.

I adore pirate stories as much as I love the history and lore of piracy itself. My only complaint is that this was a 20,000 word novella and it wasn’t longer. This could easily have been a full length, epic tale focused on the two most infamous female pirates on the high seas.

The story follows Anne Bonny and her life into piracy through Calico Jack Rackham. Until she meets Mary, disguised as a man and her whole world changes.

Historians believe Mary and Anne were in a romantic relationship and this is a fictional take on this unproven theory. The author does a great job taking something rooted in factual history with an element of theory and blending it into a believable tale.

It is a sweetly short tale that covers the length of Anne’s few years of piracy and the tragic aftermath. When they are finally captured, Jack is hung while Mary and Anne are held as prisoners. Both of them are pregnant at the time and are spared death by hanging. But from what we know, Mary dies in prison from fever and there is little known about Anne after her capture. The author speculates that Anne survives and lives out her years which is a beautiful way to end a story of a love that is doomed from the start.

The writing is sharp and concise but flows beautifully and gives us an insight into Anne’s mind, her thoughts and feelings. There are moments of tension and terror as Anne fights for the life she wants and for the woman she loves. While being a tale with LGBTQIA+ themes, the focus is more on the fact that this is a historical fiction with romance elements, and reads more like an autobiography by Anne herself than a romance novel. It stays true to the history of these two real people and the facts that are known while taking creative liberties with some of it.

A completely enjoyable tale, although I did want it to be longer! Fans of pirates all over will like this quick read that packs a punch of history.

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Published on May 22, 2021

20000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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