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Book Publishing Secrets for Entrepreneurs


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This book provides tools for authors to plan ahead with clear goalposts and indications that they are heading in the right direction.

Many entrepreneurs would like to publish best selling books without the hassle. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are not sure how to publish a best seller in months instead of years. John North reveals the five core secrets for entrepreneurs who wish to publish bestselling books in a short period of time. The author uses tried and true methodologies and systems that have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs become best selling authors in a few months.

I love the fact that the author debunked the three myths that often prove to be the roadblock to publishing for many persons. Many persons are fearful of beginning the writing process because of preconceived ideas. Great job John North for placing these myths in the trash where they belong. Putting that information at the beginning of the book means entrepreneurs who wish to become authors have no more excuses.

Book Publishing Secrets for Entrepreneurs was written for small business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, coaches, and professionals. The system the author puts forward is based on five simple steps: designing, creating, publishing, promoting, and evolving. North encourages the readers to establish end goals and use those end goals to direct the content of the book. By asking four basic questions, the potential author can decide the kind of book that will be most beneficial to the customer.

Whether this is the first time you are writing a book, or you are a seasoned author, you can benefit from this book.  I recommend reading this book if you are an entrepreneur who wants to be an author but do not have the time nor the knowledge. Further, I recommend Book Publishing Secrets for the seasoned author who is looking for the next bestseller. If you are an expert but have no clue how to get your message across, this is the book you need to read. Book Publishing Secret is a different spin on self-publishing that is sure to get you thinking that it is possible to finally publish that book.

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John North is a 5 Time #1 International Selling Author with a 30+ year background in accounting, banking, finance, marketing, and software uniquely positions him to see what entrepreneurs need to be massively successful in today's competitive market and how to future proof yourself. view profile

Published on February 20, 2020

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