"Blueberry Pi" Mathematics: Book Two


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A treasure chest, curious, wide-eyed creatures, and clues, all lead to a fun way to learn math concepts.

Blueberry PI Mathematics is book two in the Womb to Bloom to Classroom series, written by Ramona Palmer and her son, Kurtis. There are over fifty books in this series, covering Mathematics, Science, Zoology and more. These lovely books are illustrated by Kimmo Hellstrom.

           This book is beautifully illustrated. I love the cute characters, with their big curious eyes. Zoey’s grandpa left her a treasure chest, with lots of keys, and a letter telling her that “the keys of knowledge and wisdom are curiosity and imagination.” Obviously, Zoey possesses these keys as her and her friends go on the latest adventure. As they follow directions, they are building on skills that they have already learned. While they are working on Math skills, they are also learning the value of sharing. The book does an incredible job of taking complicated math terms and breaking them into smaller, manageable pieces for the youngest learners. In the long run, this will really help children with their math foundation, as they are learning higher math learning concepts younger than they would normally. They are learning it in a fun, interesting way, cementing the concept even further. This is a book that children will enjoy reading over and over again. There is so much going on on each page, that they will enjoy discovering new treasures each time they read the book.

           I would highly recommend this book to young children to about third grade. With the lovely illustrations and easy breakdown of concepts, this book will make a lovely addition to any home library, and school libraries. I wish these books had existed when my children were younger, maybe my son would not struggle so much with Math today!


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I am an avid book reader (book addict), I could literally spend all day reading and not get bored. We have books in every room except the bathrooms! I love learning new things through reading. *Prefer books with no profanity or explicit content.*


The second picture book in our "Womb to BLOOM to Classroom" series, "Blueberry Pi," begins with the story of Zoey Zebra and her best friend P.B., the panda bear. They discover a treasure chest left for Zoey by her grandpa. When the two friends open the chest, it’s filled with hundreds of keys. Each key opens a new treasure chest that unlocks one key to knowledge and wisdom … two very different things. Zoey and P.B. learn about the mathematical theory of Pi, adding, subtracting, and dividing. This series has over 50 beautifully illustrated books on Mathematics, Science, Zoology, Literature, and more. Everyone who purchases the book receives an animated reading, valued at $25, of each book when providing their name and email to our Newsletter.

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Kurtis Palmer and his mom Ramona were inspired to write a series of children’s books. Both have degrees in Communications. The family lives in Upstate New, and advocates reading to a child in utero and beyond, naming their company, Womb to BLOOM to Classroom. view profile

Published on January 28, 2021

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