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Blossom ~ The Wild Ambassador of Tewksbury


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At times poetic, but always clear and to the point, this is an alternate Bambi true story that will entrance readers of all ages.

"Blossom-Wild Ambassador of Tewksbury" by Anna Carter is a memoir that animal lovers of all ages will appreciate.

This memoir narrated in first person recounts how a farmer's life changed upon encountering a dying fawn. The fawn survives and reshapes a community's views on animal rights. 

We see parallels between Anna's childhood and Blossom's fawn-hood. Anna survived a lengthy stay in the hospital after a serious, life-threatening injury that she never fully healed from. She befriended and mentored many other ill and injured children who came and went home while she lingered in the hospital. Her chosen career as an EMT felt natural after that.

When she became a farmer, she used her EMT skills for routine animal care that she could handle without a veterinarian, such as birthing alpacas.

When Anna first encountered the fawn, Anna carefully and logically depended on facts first. When she concluded that the fawn was dying and would have no chance at life without intervention, Anna allowed her empathy to lead the way. Her great respect for wildlife mixed with her love of animals, and desire to heal, led Blossom to become one of the family.

As Blossom grew from a scrawny dotted fawn to a sleek young doe, she interspersed her time with her human family inside and around the house with time among her wild friends she made. Anna placed a bright rainbow collar comfortably around Blossom's neck, so people, particularly hunters, could be aware that she was not a game animal.

Anna made posters and invited people to visit for tea and cookies to meet Blossom. She didn't want Blossom to become target for hunters, and figured if more people knew about her unique tameness, then word would spread and she would be spared. Unfortunately, machismo and pride among some die-hard hunters caused Anna to feel on edge whenever Blossom was with her deer flock.

Hunting for sport and for harvest are explored within the dialogues between the farmer and her neighbours. The sacredness of nature and the interference of humans, even those with good intentions, provide honest and though-provoking scenes. 

At times poetic, but always clear and to the point, this is an alternate Bambi true story that will entrance readers of all ages. 

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The Fawn

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Anna Carner writes from the horse barn at Unicorn Hollow farm in Virginia. She works in new product development, branding and marketing for Unicorn Editions, ltd., a company she founded in 1994. She rode Fire Rescue in Miami during the tumultuous riots and the Mariel boatlift from Cuba. view profile

Published on November 22, 2019

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