Bloody Puzzle


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Bloody Puzzle is a unique tale of horror that sucks you in and refuses to let you go.

Bloody Puzzle: The Bloody Series Book 2 is a unique tale of horror that provides the reader with a delicious concoction of gore, suspense, and sleuthing. The book follows Daniel - the most hideous serial killer Oakville has ever known - as he wreaks havoc on the town once again. But this time, Daniel's killings follow a new theme, and the detectives chasing him are forced to piece together the clues that he leaves behind with help from the reader.

Bloody Puzzle is part of The Bloody Series, but I read it as a standalone novel. It was enjoyable on its own, and I became hooked with Daniel from the beginning. Andrea Merchak's distinctive voice combines the best elements of a slasher horror with a police investigation that carries with it the air of a black comedy. Throughout my reading of the novel, I could see how Merchak was inspired by the television show "Dexter"; however, they took this inspiration and made it their own. I adore horror novels that incorporate elements from other genres, such as mystery, and Merchak did so seamlessly. I found Daniel to be an irresistible antagonist, and I loved to hate him. As a serial killer he reminded me of Hannibal Lecter in his pursuits, which contributed to my infatuation with the story. Merchak's presentation of gore played out as though I was watching a slasher flick, and it made my imagination run wild.

If you are a fan of horror novels featuring serial killers and the detectives that seek them, then you are going to adore Bloody Puzzle. It is perfect for fans of "Dexter", "Zodiac", and Hannibal Lecter. Andrea Merchak incorporates the best elements of extreme horror with a witty and comedic storyline that is sure to blow you away. While Bloody Puzzle is reminiscent of some of the most classic serial killer stories, it stands on its own. With such a unique voice in the horror genre, you are going to be hooked on Andrea Merchak's writing!

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Ashley Nestler, MSW is a multi-genre author, poet, bibliotherapist, and mental health specialist. She is an educator on writing and publishing and specializes in fantasy, young adult, and horror. Ashley can be found holed up in her personal library taking down literary quotes and reviewing books.


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Andrea loves all things horror. Her stories are dark and gory, and infused with a blend of suspense, mystery, and crime. She loves adding a touch of the erotic and a brush with the supernatural. Writing is her greatest joy, and she'll always find new ways to intrigue and scare the wits out of you. view profile

Published on March 08, 2020

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Genre: Horror

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