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Blood on the Suwannee


Worth reading 😎

Based on a true story, this novel throws light on the roots of the present racial divide. It gets an extra star for bring African-American lit, but needs a lot of editing.

Blood on The River Suwannee promised to throw light on the roots of the present racial divide, and it delivered on that promise. But it wasn't an easy read. I took about a week to read this book and the whole time I was in two minds to give it up. This love-hate relationship was mostly because of the minor details and side-stories that I feel could have been avoided.

I have given this book 3 stars because it is based on a true story and one that should be heard. If you are looking for a tightly knit story, then give this book a miss. The synopsis pretty much sums up the general outline, however it fails to mention how repetitive certain sections are in the book. The KKK was mentioned just once, the three murders on the banks of the Suwannee River are not connected and by the time I finished reading about the third murder (the infamous Ruby Cross case) I had forgotten what the first two were about.

This book needed an editor - someone who could keep the meandering writing in check and cut-down at least 100-150 pages in the final edit. My biggest peeve was re-reading the same pieces of conversation in different parts of the book.

I am all for reading African-American literature but I feel there are so many books that do a good job of this (Roots, Purple Hibiscus, to name a few). I really wanted to enjoy this book but after reading it I feel exhausted and mentally drained.

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Published on August 20, 2020

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