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Blade Lord


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An intricate web of intrigue with seething action, tense romance, and mysteries that is sure to keep readers flipping pages.

Decallion is the only blade lord whose soul is not tied to one of the rulers of the Circle Kingdoms. This means he's invaluable, but also extremely vulnerable. While he is being escorted to the Temple where his soul will be entangled forever, the Valour Corp is ambushed and our hero is abducted.

Sold into a lawless guild, Decallion is left to fight an potentially hopeless battle....a battle for his own soul. You see, whoever owns his soul, as the most powerful blade lord, is destined to rule the world. Unless someone rescues him from such a fate. Someone who loves him, although he has no idea. Her name is Sinnabar, and she a Temple Assassin, tasked with hunting down males who unlawfully learn to read.

This matriarchal world is hauntingly familiar to our own medieval history, only in reverse. Women hold authority and power over men in this place where the Circle Kingdoms and Shadow Kingdom set the stage for seething action, tense romance, and mysteries that are sure to keep readers flipping pages. 

Although this is a new series, this realm is connected to the authors previous Shadow Sword series, and Im curious to learn if old characters will find their way into this new story. Like the great bards of Olde, author Hartland knows precisely how to spin an intricate web of intrigue with great promise and I'm already keen to read the next tale.

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About the author

S.J. Hartland is an emerging fantasy writer from the Darling Downs, Australia. She is a journalist and fencer who has spent too many holidays roaming around remote castles. The 19th Bladesman was her first published book, followed by The Last Seer King and The Sword Brotherhood (May, 2020). view profile

Published on January 01, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Epic Fantasy

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