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Black, White, And Gray All Over--A Black Man's Odyssey In Life And Law Enforcement


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A slow burn of a read of a cop's life story. The author eases the reader into his world of navigating the complexities of street life.

Black, White, And Gray All Over details the police exploits and personal life of Frederick Reynolds. He is a cop who moves from Detroit, Michigan to Compton, California. Frederick chronicles his life from birth to childhood to career. With an alcoholic father and a firm mother who kept the household running, Frederick dealt with dysfunction from the beginning. That dysfunction applied to his life outside the home as well through poor choices. Bearing witness to the complexities of life and crime in the streets, he decides he wants to break the cycle of falling into old habits.

At first, I was not looking forward to this story based on how it opened. Initially, Frederick gives a detailed history on the origins of his family from the first slave ship to sharecropping, and it seems misplaced to go that far back at first. However, as I read on, I became much more open to giving it another chance. It was interesting reading about how he overcame obstacles and dealt with violent crime in Compton after growing up in Detroit, Michigan and seeing all the street life had to offer.

Frederick went from being at the top of his class to submitting to peer pressure and trying to fit in with the "cool" crowd at any cost. He was involved in committing crimes, like robbery, and spent time with guys in gangs. Once that got old, he was on the path to turning his life around by joining the Marine Corps and later the police department. I could tell he was fighting to avoid following the same fate as his father. Aside from that, the stories Frederick recounts sound like something straight out of a movie with how gruesome or insane they are, like the woman found lifeless in a suitcase. A lot of officer lingo, slang, and other terms are featured heavily throughout the story, but they are thankfully explained in easy-to-understand definitions.

Black, White, And Gray All Over can be graphic and difficult to digest at times but is an eye-opener. Those interested in activism, law enforcement officers, and wild stories should give this a read.

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I am a retired LA County Sheriff's Homicide Investigator after a 32-year career. I am a Black man who had to endure racism growing up in the city of Detroit in the 1960s and 1970s after moving from Rocky Mount, VA, my place of birth. I am married and have seven children and nine grandchildren. view profile

Published on August 18, 2021

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