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Black Screen


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In the modern world, man's reliance on technology increases exponentially. A rich Russian patriot decides he can design a plan to make his mother country, Russia, relevant on the world stage. Convincing a computer genius to become his master manipulator, our protagonist launches a computer program that will disable technology. Cyber terrorism and hacking are more common presently than the average user realizes. In a world that needs technology and electrical power, what if one day the systems that controlled it came to a screeching halt? It could be possible that instead of guns and nuclear warfare, modern war would invoke technical interruption. When looking at our cell phones, computers, and the myriad of electronic devices, including television, what if one day we were staring at a Black Screen?


His vision of Russia reestablishing itself as a significant and respected nation was his goal. After all, he had more money than he could spend in several lifetimes. However, at this time in his life, he felt it was more important to establish himself as a key player in the hiearchy of intercontinental relevance. To be remembered as an important individual in history would be a desirable culmination of his life. He was getting older, and realistically he had little time left to make a distinction in the chronicle of his existence. But how could he achieve so much in so little time?

It came to him in a dream one night. The old practices had changed dramatically in his dream, and mankind had become a slave to the workings of technology. Modern society was becoming technologically reliant. On the streets of Moscow, the population was connected to a handheld entertainment instrument that discouraged human interaction. E-mail and social media became necessary like food, clothing and shelter.

What if civilization could return to a time when technological progress was not so prevalent? What event could facilitate such a change? What was the key component of the upheaval of modern society? He had a difficult time returning to sleep.

As he lay in bed, his thoughts were focused on what had prompted his dream. What had caused such a catharsis in the way mankind lived? Then it came to him. He alone would be responsible for an event that would put everyone on earth in survival mode. Instead of putting importance in unnecessary technological communication, the masses would have to learn how to relive.

The countries who dominated global courses of action would be forced to reexamine their roles. No country would be entitled to rule the masses. The countries that had all the power would be reduced to establishing order, not dominance.

Men and women would have to rethink their priorities. The things they took for granted would be taken away from them. In essence, every person would start from the same new beginning. Survival would be much more important than owning possessions. Things that seemed important in the present would be supplanted by what was necessary.

Dimitri knew it was time to get busy.

About the author

James Salerno currently lives in Hendersonville, NC. His roots were in Greenwich, Connecticut. Dark Screen is his third novel. view profile

Published on August 31, 2020

Published by Page Publishing

70000 words

Genre: Contemporary Fiction