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Birth of a Unicorn: Six Basic Steps to Success


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A personal, honest and engaging account of being a founding employee of a "tech unicorn" and a fascinating insight into remote working.

Working from the early days in a successful tech start-up requires so much of a person’s life that burnout can happen before you realise that you are at risk.

Through an account of her time as one of the first employees at what would become the billion dollar app company Evernote, Heather Wilde sets out how to ensure that you do not put yourself at risk of burn out and how to spot the early warning signs that you might otherwise miss within any fast-paced environment.

Refined and drawn from many years of mentoring, Wilde’s story is told within her "six basic needs" coaching methodology, with chapters headed; Uncertainty, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth, Contribution and Certainty.  Each chapter reflects on the progress of Evernote within the title’s context, and how holding true to her values allowed the author to flourish personally whilst dealing with ever-increasing pressures on her work and personal life.

The earlier stages of the book are mainly autobiographical and this gentle start may be contrary to a reader's expectations of a fast-paced insight into the birth of a tech unicorn.  This background, however, is vital for setting up the relationship context between herself and her husband, who later joins her to form Evernote’s two-person customer technical support team. Together they are at the forefront of the company's rapid success.  Wilde then explains how she tackled the challenge of expanding the team beyond the two of them, side by side in their houseboat, to bring in new colleagues, based throughout the world, from different cultures, backgrounds and working practices.

Although Evernote was founded twenty years ago, when remote working was still relatively rare, this book has been published at an extremely timely moment in human history, when many millions around the world find themselves working from home, remote from their colleagues, whilst living in close proximity to their immediate family.  Wilde’s experience of staying centred and motivated, unable to go on holidays or take part in social gatherings is something many of us can, since the events of 2020, acutely identify with. Wilde has the answers to the questions people are now asking.

Birth of a Unicorn is an accessible and easy read, with or without any prior knowledge of the world of tech start-ups.  Wilde’s writing style is honest and engaging.  It acts as a reminder that many technology companies began as small teams of dedicated individuals, giving all of their time and undergoing considerable pressures, to propel these nascent companies into the billion dollar successes that they are today.

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Heather Wilde is an Award-Winning speaker, author, and entrepreneur known as the "Unicorn Whisperer" for her expertise in corporate growth, distributed teams, community engagement, and innovation. She was an early employee at Evernote and has advised many startups and governments worldwide. view profile

Published on November 03, 2020

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