Urban Fantasy

Billy Rhinestone: And the Fateful Find


This book will launch on Nov 30, 2020. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

The first book in the Billy Rhinestone fantasy series is a masterful melding of young adult adventure & romance with adult-level action, suspense, intrigue, and mystery. Billy Rhinestone features the art of Brandon Dorman, #1 New York Times Bestselling artist. Plus a bonus sneak peek into Book 2!

When Billy and his best friend Max discover bizarre gemstones on a dead man during one of their boyish neighborhood adventures, their fates are forever changed. For no sooner than the gems make contact with their flesh, they begin to manifest magical characteristics.

As the boys experiment with their newfound powers they unknowingly attract the attention of the worst enemies imaginable who will stop at nothing to get the stones for themselves. Inexperienced as the boys are, they must improvise to protect themselves, their families, and a first love from increasing perils. In so doing, they become unwitting key-players in a clandestine war that’s been waging for millennia.

Billy Rhinestone compares in genre and feel to Brandon Mull’s, Fabelhaven, or Richard Paul Evans’ Michael Vey. If you loved Rob Reiner’s “Stand by me,” Richard Donner’s “Goonies,” or J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, you'll love “Billy Rhinestone!”


 Five hours earlier . . .

The shorter, squattier police officer and his taller, ganglier partner kept their service revolvers trained on the two fourteen-year-old boys. The teenager to the left looked like he’d been painted in blood and rolled down the side of a mountain. The other one looked like he’d just crawled out of the ground like an earthworm. The two kids looked more like apocalyptic zombies raised from the dead than suburban city kids.

The shorter cop’s weapon held steady, its blue-steel barrel trained on the forehead of the blood-drenched boy like a statue. His partner’s weapon trembled ever so slightly with inexperience and angst as he chomped on a large wad of bubblegum like a starving heifer.

“Look,” said the blood-painted boy. “You two boneheads gonna let us go or what? We ain’t done nothin’ wrong. Just doin’ what we had to do to stay alive! Know what I’m sayin’?”

The other boy stuffed his hands into his pockets and glanced off rhetorically to one side, shaking his head.

“Just pull that there pistol out of your pants,” said the bubble gum cop to the blood-bathed teen, “and no one’s gonna get hurt.”

The boy huffed out a laugh and shook his head. “No way, man. I found this thing fair and square. It’s gotta lotta sentimental value to me now—after all I had to go through to get it. You prolly just wanna keep it for yourself, ya friggin’ buster!”

The two cops shared an incredulous glance with each other. The silent boy rolled his eyes and casually kicked a caliche stone off the top of the dirt mound on which the two boys were poised like characters on a wedding cake.

“Right to bear arms . . .!” continued the gore-covered kid, emphatically. “Ever heard of it?”

Just then the desert surrounding the four erupted in a rumbling clap of thunder as the unbelievable happened.

About the author

Eric Nelson resides in Cedar Hills, Utah with his gorgeous wife Bree and four spirited children. He enjoys crashing weddings for cake & éclairs at the clubhouse just outside his backyard and taking his kids on 4-wheeler rides up the canyon. view profile

Published on September 20, 2020

120000 words

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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