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Beyond the Dragonhead - A Viking Adventure


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This is a well written story, with wonderful characters and a great story.

After their village is destroyed, Thyra, along with other survivors flee their homeland after it was destroyed. Chased by their enemy and with time against, Thyra realizes that despite her skills as a healer, she might not be able to save her friend, Bjorn, and that to save her father and their kinsfolk, she must do the unthinkable.

Beyond the Dragonhead is an intriguing and captivating story from start to finish. The cast of characters to which we are introduced are interesting and well-developed, especially Thyra. The characters have goals and of course, obstacles that they must overcome and it was a joy to follow the journey.

The historical context of this story is well presented, as well as well researched. It does not feel like to much exposition is being given in one sitting. There are maps, a historical note and other aids to guide the reader along, which I appreciated. I love the fact that this story, presents Vikings in a different light. Most know them as violent killers from Scandinavia, as that is how they are often represented in different types of media, but they were much more than that and it is refreshing to see a more accurate representation of them.

Beyond the Dragonhead was a great historical read that history lovers must pick up, especially if the are interested in Vikings. This novel is also great for people who are looking to get into historical fiction, it is an easy yet entertaining read, with great pacing and intriguing twists along the way. I hardly even noticed time passing when I was reading and I couldn't believe it when I finally reached the last page. I was slightly disappointed that I had reached the end. I wanted more.

This novel impressed me in so many different ways and I cannot recommend it enough. It surpassed all of the expectations that I had and I'm glad. I will definitely be reading this again soon.

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Published on October 01, 2020

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Genre: Historical Fiction

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