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Between False Shadows


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Run with Evie on a chase through the city to find her lost son, then run from her demon when people stand in the way!

I jumped into book three without reading the first two in the series and thought Coleman did a fine job with the amount of backstory. I was able to pick up all the major characters, a bit of their interpersonal relationships, and even make a few theories about what the first two books covered.

Evie is a mortal goddess for the immortal god Obetala and her little son Victor is missing. Her goddess powers might help her find the kid, but that part of her is like a demon. When it gets unleashed, people die. Will the tribe of Obetalla’s worshipers survive the search? Will a twenty-year secret tear Evie’s community apart? Will Evie’s curse always plague her descendants?

Find out for yourself and give this book a read! Unless you are a kid. This one’s definitely not a family time read there’s a very long sex scene, among other parts, that I don’t think are kid/ tween friendly. But you’re grown, right? Go ahead, treat yourself, you can never have too many books.

Harry is a cop and Evie’s ex-boyfriend. Evie erased his memory about being Victor’s father and dating the goddess. He remembers stuff again. That’s my first theory about a plot point from an earlier book. Evie was trying to save him from being entangled into her cult, and danger, so she felt like it was for his best interests. Who would want to break up with a goddess, after all? Harry isn’t completely cool with the situation, but also wants to find the boy, and figure out why bodies keep appearing on the periphery of the search.

This book is a good read for people who enjoy cop drama urban fantasies, the film Seven, strong female protagonists, steamy scenes, and interesting world building. Parts of the world-building reminded me of Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed.

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Julian M. Coleman is a wife, mother and grandmother who enjoys reading, writing and running, but not necessarily in that order. A sufferer of night terrors, she uses the nightmares to fuel her literary monsters. view profile

Published on September 13, 2019

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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