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A sweet high school crush, second chance at love romance revealing the struggle totrying to reclaim lost love.

Losing someone you love and have shared your life can cause an unimaginable amount of emotional agony. It takes some people to adjust to life without a partner, and continue, seeking for love. Some never look for new love and become stalled when presented with a chance to start a new relationship. In Besitos [Little Kisses] by, Capo Cielo, the main character, Marci struggles for years with the death of her husband. When her old high school sweetheart, Giorgio comes back into her life, ready to renew their adolescent ardor, she resists falling for him a second time.

Marci makes a friends with benefits-type deal with Giorgio, allowing their old flame to kindle to an ember. Of course, Giorgio wants more. They always do. He works his charms, but Marci has a wall of nightmares and guilt that seem indestructible. The past and present fuse, risking any chance of the couple getting together as Giorgio gets fed up with competing with a dead man...and a live one.

Capo layers the story with old love letters Marci and Giorgio wrote to each other along with dreams of her dead husband to crystalize Marci's turmoil to have more than a situationship with Giorgio, which gives the book a YA vibe. I am not usually a fan of a lot of dream sequences, letters or flashbacks, but they did not disrupt the story enough to keep me from reading on. I liked the idea of Marci and Giorgio and kept swiping my Kindle to see them get their HEA.

Besitos is a sweet romance filled with grown characters who act like they are still in high school, showing how hard the transition into adulthood and mature relationships can be. Readers who want to stay in the shallow waters will probably like this quick read.

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Published on May 30, 2020

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