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Beneath the Veil


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A gorgeous novel that boasts elegant word choice and a fast-moving plot that you won't want to miss!

It is seldom that I come across a novel that gets under my skin and delights me as a reader as much as Beneath the Veil by Martin Kearns has. Martin Kearns has an elegant voice that is infectious with each passing page, and I felt drawn to his world in a way that is even new to me. I mean it when I say that this novel is not one to miss, and if you are an avid fantasy reader like I am, you will not be disappointed.

Beneath the Veil follows David, a man who gets pulled into a realm between life and death. His physical form is catatonic while he travels the road to the afterlife and has to ward off demons that seek his destruction. David's strength is tested as he fights to save his physical form and his allies, but finds himself face to face with evil lurking in the shadows.

As a reader, I found the high stakes of the plot enticing and frequently nail-biting. From the get-go I was intrigued by David's complex character and related to him on a deeper level. Kearns' wording as well as plot and character development were on pointe, which kept me turning each page in quick succession. I devoured the novel within a day, and didn't want it to end.

Fantasy is a genre that can be difficult to navigate, but Beneath the Veil is a gem of a novel that will welcome any reader into the genre smoothly. It takes me awhile to find novels that devour me in the way that this novel has, and I am proud to give it five out of five stars. Kearns has earned every one of those stars, and I look forward to seeing where he will go with this writing next.

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Ashley Nestler, MSW is a multi-genre author, poet, bibliotherapist, and mental health specialist. She is an educator on writing and publishing and specializes in fantasy, young adult, and horror. Ashley can be found holed up in her personal library taking down literary quotes and reviewing books.

Crossing the Span

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Stories bring to mind possibilities, which are really where the seeds of a story begin. I truly hope to bring creative tales to readers who, like me, enjoy finding themselves lost somewhere in a world of endless possibilities view profile

Published on October 11, 2021

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