Beneath the Silent Moon


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T.M Tucker's Cornishe Chronicles series is a paranormal treat with vibrant settings and fulfilled characters.

Parts twisted Frankenstein, victorian gothic, and mystery novel, Beneath the Silent Moon explores paranormal lore under a new guise. 

Cyrus is a complex character with a vast array of interests and an intellect that does not overshadow his youthfulness. His further adventures see him learning new tricks and wiles in England. With his father, and the bewitching slave girl Rose, his life becomes further mixed in the dark underbelly of the supernatural. Gabriel, an indulgent musician, enters the fray with a secret our villain, Melchior Croll, is desperate to get his hands on. 

It is tantamount to read the first book in the series to understand the balance Rose and Cyrus hold over the narrative and comprehend their histories. T.M. Tucker's writing is intelligent and quick. He spends time with the character's inner thoughts and shies away from too much description of the surroundings. At points, this is smart, and yet given the settings, it would have done well to enrich the readers' palate. 

While familiar werewolf lore makes up Cyrus and his father's overall story, it is interestingly reimagined under the guise of the setting, 17th century England, and the character, Cyrus, a bastard son of a plantation owner and a slave. So often, gothic novels are white-centric. Tucker circumvents that by placing power and narrative in a mixed-race lead. He also includes a strong female role in Rose, who has talents in African witchcraft. 

Beneath the Silent Moon falls under the gaslight genre but explores so much more with race equality and gender equality without shoving it down the reader's throat. Tucker explores it more as a historical reality versus a commentary, which allows the reader to become one with the characters and lose themselves to the story. 

T.M Tucker's Cornishe Chronicles series is a paranormal treat with vibrant settings and fulfilled characters. 

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T. M. Tucker was born in Shooters Hill, London, UK (famous for its association with highwaymen). He currently works as a digital marketing copywriter, consultant and trainer. He lives in Bristol, UK, with his wife and two children, and their dog. view profile

Published on February 15, 2021

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