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Below The Strandline


Loved it! 😍

An impressive debut that leaves the reader wanting more. Perfect for murder-mystery fans.


Below the Strandline is a fascinating crime novel with different POVs converging into one intricate storyline.

It begins with Jeremy, a boy with a troubled childhood who gets bounced around in foster care. He finally catches a break to leave this life and start a life of his own in the city. He faces various hurdles like homelessness and getting robbed of his belongings on the streets. He meets Scarlet and falls in love with her. They both want to get out of this life and make one for themselves away from all the unfortunate incidents that happen to them.

We also see a powerful secret society (with a motto: Fortior conjunctum, Fidelis usque ad mortem) that operates above the law comprising of many influential members being led by Sir Peter, a former spymaster. A threat arises in the form of someone collecting incriminating evidence against the members of the society called “The Firm”. This initiates a sequence of events that started as a trial of intimidation and ends in a series of murders.

Amanda Castle, wife of Sir Francis is attacked in her home in the middle of the night during an attempted robbery. The police start their investigation into the attempted robbery. As they start following clues, the hunt turns into a double homicide investigation that uncovers chilling truths.

I truly enjoyed the story. The storyline was exciting and had many plot twists of which many were shocking revelations. I liked seeing the different vantage points of the story.

Jeremy was a complex character. I truly felt sorry for him at many points but his actions were almost always questionable. He finally got to face the root cause of his childhood trauma. Scarlet was similar to Jeremy in many ways and unique in her way.

The story had a healthy dose of murders, kidnappings, intimidation tactics, and investigation. The investigation into the murders was exhilarating to read.

I could not put it down once I started it.  I was forced to finish the book in a single day. It is wonderfully crafted for a debut.


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We are two people who found each other by sheer luck. We spend way too much time living off fantasy worlds and falling in love with these worlds and its characters.


About the author

TIM PARR spent his early career in London and now lives and works in land-locked Oxfordshire. He has three grown-up sons and two senior cats. In his parallel universe he lives by the sea fixing up an old sailing boat, his imaginary spaniel at his side. Below The Strandline is his debut novel. view profile

Published on October 18, 2020

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70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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