Bella Blood and the Vampire Ball


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A modern day fairytale, we enter the world of Bella Blood and her otherworldly friends, where life is never dull.


Bella Blood is the daughter of high society vampires.
Her mother: Lady Gailavira – a fashion influencer on Instragrime and Screamtube.
Her father: Lord Frank – once a famous horror writer but gave that up to design and oversee his own hotel for vampires.
Neither has much time for their daughter and they decide to hire a governess, a witch called Agatha. Agatha seems like the perfect friend; she takes Bella to the Pumpkin Nursery and the Mummy Hospital and Bella comes to love her deeply.
That is until Agatha's true intentions are revealed on the night of the Vampire Ball…

I was first attracted to this book by its vibrant cover. It is a “chapter book” and so is ideal for children who can either read independently or that enjoy being read to aloud by a grown up.

This book is so much more than a story about one little vampire; from the off we are catapulted into a whole new world, full of vampires, witches, fairies and other ghouls. Our heroine, Bella Blood is the daughter of Lord Frank and Lady Gailavira, high society vampires, who don’t seem to have a lot of time to spend with their daughter. This leads to Lady Gailavira listening to a recommendation from a rather silly fairy, Miss Chilly, to hire the witch, Agatha, as Bella’s new babysitter. Unfortunately, Bella’s mother was so hasty in trying to get Bella out the way and occupied, she failed to spot that Agatha and Miss Chilly are not quite the kindly pair that they seem.

Fast paced and contemporary (references to “Instagrime” and other clever word plays), I really enjoyed the action and adventure that the author creates in this novel. Whilst I think all children would enjoy this read, it would appeal to those who identify with a strong female heroine and certainly anyone interested in Halloween, vampire fashion & makeup!

There are strong themes of bravery, kindness, loyalty and friendship throughout, and reading this may also prompt important and reassuring conversations if a child questions or is unhappy about why they need to attend childcare if both parents are working.

Bella Blood and the Vampire very much feels like the first in a series of books and I would certainly expect my seven year old daughter to be wanting to read more adventures from this magical land in due course. Recommended!

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I am a Scottish writer and book lover. My love of words stretches back to childhood, when I used to devour books at night by torchlight. Today, my love of reading and writing is as passionate as ever. I have eclectic tastes - from stories for children to thrillers and espionage.


Bella Blood is the daughter of high society vampires.
Her mother: Lady Gailavira – a fashion influencer on Instragrime and Screamtube.
Her father: Lord Frank – once a famous horror writer but gave that up to design and oversee his own hotel for vampires.
Neither has much time for their daughter and they decide to hire a governess, a witch called Agatha. Agatha seems like the perfect friend; she takes Bella to the Pumpkin Nursery and the Mummy Hospital and Bella comes to love her deeply.
That is until Agatha's true intentions are revealed on the night of the Vampire Ball…

Chapter 1

Bella tossed this way and then that way in her black wooden coffin but she just couldn't get comfortable, she put her arms behind her head and then put her arms by her sides, she put her pillow over her face and then put her pillow under her arm, she then decided to try the pillow under her leg but no matter what position she tried it was all the same, its like trying to sleep on red hot coals.

The sun was still shining it was way to early to get up, she threw the pillow across her bedroom and kicked off the blankets, the black widow spider that had made her home above Bella's bed came fluttering down on her silken web

“Can't sleep Bella?” she asked

“No and this tossing about, is just making it worse!”

“Have you tried counting werewolves?” replied the spider

“Oh that never works, I am just going to get up” said Bella

She grabbed her black, silk dressing gown and put her feet down on the cold, hard floor, her pet bat Flappy was still fast asleep hanging upside down in the corner of the room, Bella stretched and yawned

“Oh I feel like I am over one hundred years old” she whispered with her shoulders hunched forward

“You are over a hundred years old” said a loud voice

“Nobody asked you closet monster, so mind your own business please!” said Bella feeling a bit annoyed

She finally got up the strength to get out of her coffin and started to make her way downstairs, her mother and father were still sleeping and wouldn't be up for a few hours yet, her mother liked to get in as much beauty sleep in as possible. She walked down the long, grand staircase and looked at the painted portraits of her ancestors hanging on the wall in large golden frames, they all watched her as she walked passed, they all smiled and waved at her

“Can't sleep?” asked old Uncle Vlad

“No, I can't” replied Bella “those paintings are so nosy” she whispered

“Oh how rude.” said one painting

“The youth these days” said another

Bella rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at them and then went into the sitting room she sat on the long sofa and looked around the room at the large, impressive fireplace that dominated the entire space and the beautiful Persian rug that sat in front of it, at the brilliant crystal chandelier that hung from the ceiling, at the range of antique glassware that her mother had collected over a period of many centuries. She then looked at her and her parents portrait that hung over the fireplace

“He didn't get my nose right” she thought as she looked at the painting intently “I knew mama shouldn't have employed zombie Vermeer but should have gotten zombie De Vinci instead.”

Bella lived in Blood mansion which had been in her family for hundreds if not thousands of years, it was a large, Gothic building having forty-seven bedrooms not to mention all the other rooms of the house, it was so big that Bella had still not been in every room but this was mostly due to laziness on her part. As well as its grand interior the mansion boasted lots of grounds, it had its own forest, lots of green houses one being allocated to Bella's mother for growing her monster plants and her creepy vegetables and recently Bella's father had given her a patch of land to grow pumpkins on, Bella loved pumpkins and tended to them almost every day. As well as having all the grounds the mansion also had its own lake which entirely surrounding the mansion.

The lake was more of a swamp really, it had a couple of crocodiles in it and deep down in the marshes there lurked a swamp monster who if caught you walking alone would talk to you about everything and anything until you quickly lost the will to live, if you did happen to get caught by the swamp monster the only escape from his anecdotes was if you put your hands over your ears and said “I know nothing,”

Bella was surprised to hear her father coming down the stairs he was talking to one of the ghostly servants, Bella couldn't hear what he was saying but she guessed that it was probably about something boring such as what they would be having for dinner later, grown ups never talked about exciting things after all.

Bella's father Lord Frank Von Blood inherited the mansion from his father as he was the eldest son, he was a very tall, lean gentleman he had long black hair that he always wore in a ponytail which he always tied with a silk ribbon, he had stunning blue eyes and was always dressed like he was going to a ball even if he was staying indoors or going for a walk in the forest this was mostly because his wife demanded it of him but despite his age he was still considered a heart throb in the vampire community.

He slowly walked into the sitting room and was surprised to see Bella awake

“Can't you sleep my blood bat?” he asked

“No papa I can't” replied Bella making a sulky face

“Well I can't talk dearest I am busy with work right now.” he kissed Bella on the forehead and hurried out of the room whilst a trail of servants followed behind him each trying to get his attention.

Bella didn't see her father much at the moment since he decided to change his career, he had been a famous horror writer since he was young, changing the name on his books every ninety years or so to stop the mortals getting suspicious, but he had decided to quit writing and now he was following his life long dream of designing his own hotel. The hotel would be situated in the mansions grounds and would be a holiday retreat for vampires of the highest society, he was working with a group of zombie builders and his foreman was a troll, the Lord had to keep a close eye on his foreman as it was well known that trolls steal and many planks of wood had gone missing recently, the troll tried blaming the zombies but they didn't have the brain capacity to steal, all they ever thought of was food.

Hanina one of the ghostly kitchen maids floated into the sitting room

“Would you like breakfast Miss. Bella” she asked

“No I couldn't possibly eat a thing” said Bella as she draped a hand across her forehead playing the damsel in distress

“Oh but cook has just finished your favourite rotten egg couplets”

“Maybe I could manage something then, thank you Hanina” said Bella

The mansions cook Mrs. Brigham was a very peculiar woman, she was as round as a ball with tiny eyes and red puffy cheeks that made her look rather like a hamster, she had a large flat nose and purple hair that she always wore in tight curls around her face. She wore a large belt across her waist to which she hung pots, pans, large knives and wooden spoons, on top of her head she wore a very tall chefs hat and she had a large fork that stuck out the top of it and when she walked it would sway backwards and forwards and people would get so distracted by the fork that they would forget what they wanted to say to her she avoided being told off many times thanks to that fork.

She was also always terrorising the young kitchen maids and one of them was always crying or had a tear stained face from being shouted at but despite this Mrs. Brigham had always been in the family and made the most delicious meals and she could always be counted on to provide large, tasty dishes when the Blood's were having a party or a ball, her cooking was the envy of many vampire families and the Blood's felt lucky to have her in their service.

Hanina brought the rotten egg couplets into the dining room, Bella was already sitting at the table waiting, her mother forbid Bella from eating anywhere in the house accept for the dining room as it was “unvampirelike.” She quickly tucked into her eggs and started to feel a little better, Flappy flew into the room and started flying around Bella's head

“Your awake now are you?” said Bella

“I am awake, I am awake and its a beautiful night” he whistled “you better get dressed because if your mother sees you in your nightie she will go beastly!”

Bella looked down at her dressing gown

“Yes your right Flappy”

Bella went back upstairs and into her room she threw back the curtains and a beautiful night looked back at her, the stars were shining and the moon was large and full

“Flappy was right, it is a beautiful night.” she said

She went over to her closet and opened the doors

“Closet monster, please pick me out a good outfit.”

Bella waited while the closet monster looked through her vast array of clothes

“How about this one?” it said

“No I wore that the other day” replied Bella

“What about this?”

“No I never liked it”

The closet monster growled, Bella is such a fussy vampire it thought

“What about this?”

“Yes, closet monster that is exactly right, you know sometimes your such a fashion guru!”

“Finally” growled the monster and slammed the closet doors shut

Bella looked at the outfit it was a black lace dress with long sleeves and it had a bright red ribbon at the back, she put on black and white tights and then added the matching shoes.

“Now too go and see if mama is up” she said and ran down the stairs, she heard her mother talking to the servants in the dining room, Bella's mother Lady Gailavira Blood was a very tall woman, with very pale skin and incredibly dark eyes she had long black hair with one white streak in the front and she always wore her hair high up on top of her head which made her look even taller. She loved fashion and had her own dressmaker, hairdresser and make-up artist that lived in the mansion so she could call on them at anytime in case of a beauty emergency, she was a big hit on the social media platform such as Instagrime and had over a million followers, she would sometimes also put up a video on Screamtube about fashion a favourite of hers was the“What I wore” videos, she also loved tending to her garden which was mostly for photographic purposes, holding parties and balls and she also did her share of charity work which included making her own shrouds for the dead.

“Hope your well mama dear” said Bella kissing her mother on the cheek

“Hello my darling, did you sleep well?”

“I slept okay thank you mama, what are you talking about”

“Oh I am just talking to the servants about the very important ball that we will be hosting at the end of the week, I want to start preparations now.”

Bella sighed, another important ball that was the third this year

“But mama..”

“I haven't got time at the moment dear go and play and entertain yourself” said Lady Gailavira

Bella walked off, mama never has time she thought she is always preparing for something or other, oh its so infuriating!

Flappy started fluttering around Bella's face

“What's wrong?” he squeaked

“Oh mama is having another one of her balls”

“It could be fun” said Flappy

“It's never fun” replied Bella bitterly “No kids are ever allowed and I get so bored being on my own with all the old people they talk about such boring things.”

“Well ask your mother if you can invite someone”

“I could ask but you know what mama is like she would never allow it.” replied Bella

“Then ask your dad” replied Flappy

Bella's eyes lit up, yes I will ask papa she thought he will let me invite some of my friends, I could invite Pestilentia Poison Magna Macabre and Sally Sorrow, I haven't seen them in an age! What fun we should have! And I could show them the scarecrow that I made last Autumn.

Bella skipped along the hallway she was going outside to look for her father she knew that he would be out there overlooking the building of the hotel but just as she was about to open the front door, a big bottomed fairy appeared in front of her. The fairy was very plump had grey hair which was tied back into a bun, she had large black spectacles that covered beady dark eyes and she wore a dark grey dress with black boots that came right up to her short, fat knee.

Just as Bella was about to show her surprise as fairy's never came this close to Blood Manor when her mother came out of the dining room “Ah Miss. Chilly so glad you could make it at such short notice”

Bella looked at her mother with a puzzled expression

“Is this the child?” said the fairy as she peered down at Bella and looked directly into her eyes

“Yes this is my daughter Isabella Adriatra Amelia Von Blood” said Lady Gailavira please come into the reception room and we can discuss things further.”

Bella walked up to her mother

“What's this about mama?”

“Talking without permission” said the fairy disdainfully

Bella gave the fairy a scowl and continued looking at her mother

“This is Miss. Chilly dear and she is going to allocate you the perfect governess because you haven't had a decent education now for such a long time, me and your father thought that now would be a good time to engage you another one.”

Miss. Chilly nodded her head

“Yes I am the best at finding people what they want, here take my card” she said to Bella.

Bella read Miss. Chilly's card it said


Will find you anything and anyone that you desire, one tear is all it takes.

Cheap marketing trick thought Bella these fairies will do anything for some gold or cake or sweets, she then crumpled up the card and threw it onto the floor, she saw Miss. Chilly and her mother making their way into the reception room with two ghostly maids following them both with refreshments on a silver tray. Maybe they wont need me thought Bella and she tried to creep outside to talk to her father, she put one hand on the door handle when her mother called for her, darn it I will have to talk to papa another time she thought bitterly.

Bella walked into the sitting room, frowning, she didn't want another governess and why did this fairy have to help? Surely her parents could find her one themselves? And why did it have to be today? Bella flopped down onto the sofa opposite her mother and Miss. Chilly

Miss. Chilly shook her head

“Slouching in front of a guest, shameful” she whispered

“Yes dear do straighten up, slouching is bad for your posture” said her mother

Bella slowly started to straighten up but she took a long time doing it and Miss. Chilly looked at her with disdain, what a terribly behaved girl she thought to herself.

Lady Gailavira started to tell Miss. Chilly about all the trouble that they had in the past with governesses for Bella.

Bella had many governesses in her short life from Nicky Shuttle who ran away with the mad scientist who had once kept his laboratory in the basement to Jane Lear who had an attack of nerves and who had decided that Lord. Blood was a spy for the government sent to watch her.

But all the drama started with Bella's first governess who was called Minnie Noppins she came up to the front steps of the Blood Mansion like a little floating sprite, she seemed to employ herself to the job straight away without hardly any talk with Lord and Lady Blood. She went straight up to Bella's bedroom and introduced herself much to Bella's total dismay.

Minnie was one for getting up early in the morning which was totally the opposite of everyone at the Blood household, Minnie liked everything to be prim, proper and clean,she cleaned up all the cobwebs from Bella's bedroom and got rid of her spider friends which made Bella so angry that she had complained to her parents but they were to busy to do anything about her grievances.

Things came to a head one day when Bella came upstairs to her bedroom after dinner to find that all her toys had been changed, her scary clown doll Slappy whom she had since she was a baby vampire, was replaced by a blonde doll in a bright pink dress, Bella nearly fainted from shock.

“Those toys are not for little girls” said Minny as she threw away the clown,

This was the last straw for Bella she had to get rid of this governess once and for all so she decided to go downstairs and fetch her pet tarantula Tango.

Bella waited and waited for Minnie to fall asleep, she then crept into her room and put Tango right on Minnie's face! Well Minnie screamed and went hysterical she quickly packed up her things and ran down the long winding staircase, never to darken the doorways again.

Bella had rushed to the window to see Minnie run away when she saw Minnie pull out her umbrella and then she was swept along by the wind she had flown right up into the sky. Bella kept watching with her mouth agape when a thunder storm started to approach, poor Minnie's umbrella was struck by lightening, she was never seen again, Bella had said that she had seen Minnie turn into a pile of dust.

Next was Nicky Shuttle who was a common sort of girl with a mass of red hair that was so tall that animals could have taken shelter in it and she would never have known. She didn't really care much for Bella and her education and she let her do whatever she wanted, Nicky had more important things on her mind like finding a suitable husband and she thought that by being employed at the Blood's would help improve her social standing.

One day Nicky was coming down from Bella's study room when she bumped into Dr.Vonshmuck who was a top scientist that was working with Lord Blood on a scientific project, Nicky blushed and waved to the doctor who didn't take no notice of her and was too busy muttering to himself about his latest experiment. The next day Nicky felt brazen enough to go into Dr.Vonschmuck's laboratory she found him hard at work sewing dead body parts together, he was trying to create life, he had gone to school with Dr.Frankenstein and ever since then he had this obsession of life creation and had talked Lord. Blood into funding his project.

He told Nicky his life story and she pretended to know what he was talking about and tried to take an interest in what he was saying, a few days later Nicky and Dr.Vonschmuck both handed in their resignations and went to live together in Mexico where they went to take part in the day of the dead festival.

This put Lord. Frank in a very awkward position because he then had to find another mad scientist to help with his scientific experiments but Lord. Frank quickly got bored with science and got rid of the laboratory all together.

The next governess that little Bella had was a woman called Sally May who claimed that she used to be a scarecrow in a different life.

Sally May wasn't much suited to the life of a governess as all of a sudden in the middle of teaching Bella Latin she would run outside into the swamp or the forest or one of the greenhouses where Lady. Gailavira kept all her monster plants and she would just stand there with her arms wide open trying to ward off the birds.

Life didn't end well for Sally May, she was outside one night standing with her arms outstretched when a giant bird flew down and took her up, everyone presumed that she had been eaten.

The next governess brave enough to take on the job was Jane Lear who appeared to be a normal sort, she looked very much like a gerbil but she looked like a governess if anyone were to see her and was asked what position they thought she held they would be sure to say “a governess”

She was quiet and polite, she curtseyed every time she saw the master and mistress of the house and because Bella was the little mistress she let her do everything her way which particularly pleased Bella. Everything was going quite splendidly with Jane Lear until she started acting very strangely, first she started to put her dresses on inside out, then she started to wear her glasses the wrong way, then she started talking to the walls saying that there were people living in the wallpaper.

Bella didn't find this strange, after all there may have been people living in the wallpaper but Jane Lear than started fearing that Lord. Frank was a government spy sent to watch her every move.

Every time she saw him she ran and hid, once she even pretended to be a Gorse Bush, this made the whole household feel very awkward so they decided to send Jane Lear away to the nearest asylum.

Miss. Chilly heard all of this with a sad shake of her head

“I have heard it all before Lady, awkward children, bad governesses, it is all very sad and wounds my very heart” she said “but I think I have found you the perfect governess and she will be arriving any moment now.”

“Oh thank you Miss. Chilly, please help yourself to a scream cake” said Lady. Gailavira

“Oh, how kind” said Miss. Chilly smiling “maybe I will have just one” as she put five on her small plate

Bella rolled her eyes and started to get incredibly bored she started to tap her foot on the floor so that it made a rather loud noise as the room was so big that any noise no matter how small had a tendency to echo.

“Please stop that dear” said Lady Gailavira

Then Bella started rolling around the sofa

“Mama please let me go!”

Lady. Gailavira scowled at Bella

“Behave please darling”

Bella saw her opportunity for asking her mother about having her friends come to the ball

“Mama if I behave and meet the new governess and be a good vampire forever more, could I please invite some of my friends to the ball?”

Lady. Gailavira was starting to feel very frustrated but she didn't want Miss. Chilly to think that she couldn't control her own daughter

“Of course but only if you behave.” she said

“Oh I will, thank you mama.”

Bella straightened up, crossed her legs and smiled when she heard the sound of horses, Miss. Chilly got up

“There she is now! She has arrived in a horse drawn carriage of course like all top, good society”

Lady. Gailavira got one of the ghostly servants to answer the front door and ordered them to bring the lady into the reception room, Bella felt strangely curious she hadn't had a governess for a long time so it would be rather peculiar having one again but she had promised her mother that she was going to be good so she carried on smiling sweetly showing off her pearly fangs.

Everyone waited impatiently for the new guest to come in when the ghostly servant announced

“Miss. Agatha Warp.”

A tall, slim lady walked into the room she had piercing black eyes, skin that had a slight purple-tinge to it and long grey hair. She wore a long black dress that trailed behind her onto the floor and on top of her head she wore a large pointed hat, she made a slight bow to Lady. Gailavira and Miss. Chilly and then walked straight over to Bella who was looking intently at her from the other side of the room.

Agatha made her way over to Bella and held out her hand

“Nice to meet you” she said

Bella noticed that Agatha had a very soft voice, it was almost like she was singing, Bella shook Agatha's hand and Agatha sat down next to her.

Miss. Chilly was talking to Lady. Gailavira about how great Agatha was and why she would be the perfect governess for Bella but Agatha didn't participate in their conversation instead she turned to Bella.

“What do you like to do?” she asked

Bella looked nervously about hoping that someone would answer for her but she felt Agatha's eyes pouring into her so she said

“I like to play with my pet bat, I did have a pet spider but he died, the yeti squashed him by accident, I like tending to my pumpkins papa has giving me my own pumpkin patch.”

Agatha didn't reply but just sat there looking and smiling

Miss. Chilly got up and stretched

“Oh my job is a hard one, still its rewarding” she said with a slight scowl

“Thank you again” said Lady. Gailavira and Miss. Chilly took one last look around the room, waved her wand around her head and disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving another one of her cards on the side table.

Lady. Gailavira went over to Agatha

“You must excuse me I am very busy but I will leave you two to get acquainted, if you need me just scream.”

Agatha nodded slightly

“Oh, no problem mam, I am sure we will be just fine.” she said smiling at Bella

“Remember your promise” said Bella's mother as she walked out of the reception room, Bella sighed, yes she did remember her promise to be a very good vampire until the ball at least, if she could last that long!

They sat in silence for a while, Agatha was carefully looking around the room and Bella was swinging her feet and twiddling her thumbs. Bella finally couldn't take it any more, she never did well with silence which according to her mother was another one of her failings.

“What are you?” she asked Agatha

“Excuse me?”

“What are you” asked Bella again

“I am a witch of course” replied Agatha with pride “what a silly question though, it would be like me asking you what you are when I can see that you are a vampire.”

“I suppose” replied Bella thoughtfully “but I was told that no question is ever silly.”

“That is quite wise”

“Yes my father says it, he is very wise, he has been alive a long time and has accumulated a lot of knowledge, because you see, he has had a lot of interests in his time.”

“Oh really like what?” enquired Agatha

“Oh many things, like he got interested in science and creating life, he went into space travel, he started a unicycle riding group and he created his own top hat company and that is just naming a few, now he is making his own hotel for vampires.”

“Hmm how interesting” replied Agatha “anyway Bella will you like to show me your room and study area?”

Bella got up off the sofa and led Agatha upstairs to her bedroom, Agatha was so tall that she had to duck in order to get in and not knock her head on the door frame, she looked around silently and nodded her head in approval

“Who is this?” said the black widow spider coming down on her web

Bella jumped up on her coffin bed in order to see the spider better

“This is my new governess”

“Oh, how interesting, nice to meet you.” said the spider

Agatha nodded her head in acknowledgement of the spider's greetings

“She's a witch” said Bella laughing

“Oh really, well I'm a widow myself” said the spider to Agatha

The floor then started to shake and Bella jumped down from the coffin

“What on earth is that?” said Agatha

“Oh its only the closet monster”

Bella opened the doors to the closet

“Here, closet monster you can see our guest now.”

Agatha looked closely into the closet and all she could see was blackness and then a great big orange arm came out and shook her hand vigorously, Agatha nearly stumbled from the force and had to adjust her hat.

“How quaint” she said sarcastically

“You need to meet my pet bat” said Bella “Flappy!”

Flappy came bursting into the room with buckets of energy he flew around every corner and then landed on Bella's shoulder

“This if Flappy”

Agatha shook Flappy's wing

“Hello Flappy, I am Agatha, Bella's new governess.”

“Oh, Bella's new governess, oh how exciting, I am so excited, I just have to fly around, oh I am happy” said Flappy as he took off and flew out the window

“He is highly strung” said Bella

“Oh yes, he is a typical bat” replied Agatha

Bella led Agatha out of her bedroom, along the corridor and into her study room, she had not been in her study room for quite some time and by the looks of the dust everywhere the servants had not been cleaning it either. Agatha went inside and rubbed her finger on the table she looked at the dust on her finger and shook her head, the room was very large and situated in the middle was a wooden desk and chair where Bella studied, on top of the desk was an inkwell and papers some were of academic subjects such as

The Abnormal Behaviour of Humans

Pumpkin Healing

Make Your Own Blood Substitute

But Bella had doodled over all these with her coloured crayons, she had drawn Flappy, some pumpkins and her mother and father in funny clothes. Bella quickly picked up the doodled papers and put them in the bin. Agatha looked at Bella with her eyebrows raised

“You haven't done much work have you?” she asked

“Oh yes, I work very hard” said Bella as she crossed her fingers behind her back

“I hope you will.” said Agatha smiling “I will get the servants to clean up this room and we will start lessons tomorrow.”

“Yes that's fine, oh look here's Hanina to show you your room” said Bella

Hanina was indeed floating in the doorway waiting to take Agatha to her new quarters, Bella rushed passed Hanina and ran down the stairs she was glad to have a break from Agatha for a while.

Hanina led Agatha up a long staircase which was situated at the very top of the mansion, Agatha opened the door to her new bedroom and looked around

“It will do” she said

“Do you have any baggage mam?” enquired Hanina

“Yes” said Agatha and she clicked her fingers and her bag appeared before her, she clicked her fingers again and her broomstick appeared, she clicked her fingers for the third time and dozens of books and potion bottles appeared.

Hanina nodded her head and left Agatha to get settled in, bringing witches into the house she thought as she floated back towards the kitchen whatever next!

Agatha got her wand out from underneath her dress sleeve and with a few waves of it all her possessions were where they should be. She went over to a large object which she had taken out of her bag it was covered with a purple velvet cloth, she took the cloth away and sitting there was a crystal ball. She waved her hands over it whilst chanting a small spell and Miss. Chilly's image appeared in the ball

“Does the family trust you?” asked Miss. Chilly

“Yes I think so, I am gaining the girls trust, she doesn't suspect anything.” replied Agatha

“Good, keep it up until you hear from me” said Miss. Chilly

“Yes boss” replied Agatha

And as the image of Miss.Chilly died away, Agatha quickly covered the crystal ball with its cloth and hid it behind a gap in the fireplace, she then grabbed her broomstick and started to brush it.

Bella rushed outside she saw Flappy flying around the mansion and she pointed at him and laughed

“Silly bat” she shouted

She ran over to her pumpkin patch and started looking and inspecting the pumpkins, she was proud of the fact that she had a vast array of different types of pumpkin there were small ones, big ones, orange ones and green ones. Each of them had a face and a different personality, Bella's favourite at the moment was a small orange pumpkin that had only recently sprouted she had named him Jack he hadn't learn to speak properly yet and she had decided that she was going to take him inside and nurse him. She bent down and tickled his face he let out a little laugh and then he started to cry she put a dummy in his mouth and this seemed to pacify him for the moment. All the other pumpkins were complaining that they were hungry

“Feed us!” they said

“We're hungry!”

“We can't last much longer!”

“Okay,okay your so dramatic” said Bella as she poured the left over food from the kitchen onto the earth in front of them, there was left over mouldy cheese, scream cakes, rotten eggs, web pizza slices and much more because Mrs. Brigham would always cook more than was needed, now its a well known fact that magical pumpkins eat differently to normal pumpkins they need a lot more food, nursing and care especially when they are babies. So Bella picked up little Jack and went inside to take him to her bedroom where she could look after him properly. She carefully carried him up the stairs and went into her room she had already a few days before made a small crib for him out of old wood she laid a blanket down on it and put in the baby. Jack was quiet and looked around him with big eyes

“Aww look how cute he is” said Bella “gwtchy gwtchy goo goo!”

Flappy flew around the pumpkin

“Hmm he's okay not as cute as me though”

“He is cuter than you Flappy” said Bella teasingly

“Mean!” said Flappy and he flew up to his corner

“Come down I was only teasing you.”

Flappy gave Bella a look of displeasure but he flew back over all the same and landed on her shoulder

“He is sort of cute, I guess, in a pumpkin type of way” he squeaked

Jack seemed to like Flappy and started jumping around his crib

“Aww I think he likes you” said Bella laughing

“Yes well I do have that effect on things” said Flappy proudly

Bella yawned and put on her day-dress

“Its getting light now I can feel my skin burning” she said as she shut her long velvet curtains “I think its time to tuck into the coffin.”

“Yes you got a big day tomorrow” said the black widow spider as she weaved her web

“Oh don't remind me and I promised mama that I would be a good vampire and do all that the new governess told me because I want my friends at the ball, oh well it wont be that bad.” said Bella yawning again

Flappy also yawned and stretched his wings he flung into his corner and got comfortable upside down.

“Good-day everyone”said Bella as she pulled the blankets over her head and went fast to sleep.

About the author

Kit Parker was born in a country that is not on any map and in a town that you have probably not even heard of. She is kooky, eccentric and just a little bit strange. Kit loves writing dark and gothic, yet also cute tales for children view profile

Published on May 01, 2020

Published by Michael Terrence Publishing

40000 words

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