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Believe In You: A Family’s Journey of Life, Love, And Loss


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Conversation starters and points to contemplate from a mother and son's oral history and present-day lives; be encouraged, believe in you!

Family relationships are important and shape you for the rest of your life. It's imperative to revisit the past for the purpose of picking and choosing what you would like to replicate within your own life and those things you want to change the trajectory of in the future. The people who are older than you hold the keys to understanding those things you have yet to live through; no matter how progressive the times, certain things within the human experience remain the same.

I gravitate towards stories being told within books more so than transcriptions of recorded conversations. However, in regard to certain topics discussed I'm certainly glad they were presented in this fashion rather than story form. For instance, when discussing dating history, reading intimate conversation is far better than gratuitous sex scenes of one night stands. An edited version of a person's coming of age and into their own comes through polite conversation and it's this polite conversation style that I appreciated the most.

The biggest take-away from reading this book is found in relation to its title: Believe in You! You might not always have the support of people in your life that you should, and abandonment takes its toll; however, ultimately you can't allow others to stop you from being you. You have to make choices that ring true to who you are. Sometimes it won't make sense financially but finances aren't everything. Being true to yourself is the only way to live your life with no regrets.

The bottom lines: You should be close to your family. Life is finite. Your body ages but your spirit remains youthful. Those you grew-up with, even when incredibly different, still know you better than anyone else ever will. There is love, respect, and understanding that exists between siblings even if/when it goes unspoken.

Take time to speak with you parents, to record their stories and their thoughts, to learn from their triumphs and from their mistakes. Believe in yourself and may you find that when you reflect back upon your life that you have accomplished and experienced more than you ever thought possible for one person to achieve and do.

Life isn't over until your last breath may you live each breath to its fullest!

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Published on November 08, 2020

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