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Before You Begin: How To Focus On What Matters And Get The Life You Want


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A simple, straightforward self-help book for anyone looking for the right direction to achieve success.

Before You Begin is an apt name for a book that teaches you just that – what to do before you begin anything.

The path to success is paved with many obstacles – personal, psychological, financial, etc. You are also often overwhelmed with things that control your time and mental peace. This book offers a solution to overcoming these obstacles. It’s called the Compass Form and is a framework intended to understand what’s truly holding you back from success and how you can overcome it.

The book asks you to first self-reflect on the life you want before starting onto the path of success right away, which is a great way to empower and encourage someone. Hence the name, Before You Begin. This set-up gives you the one thing that is most important for success – time. The author is mindful in his attempt to not lure you into a fancy trap with jargon sprinkled everywhere. He breaks it down into simpler units so that you can apply the method easily, ensuring a greater chance for success.

The biggest pro of the book is its relatability. The author uses his stories of struggle that will be all too familiar to you. The boring job, the longing adventures, the entrepreneurial dreams, and his everyday trials and tribulations will instantly connect with you. The advantage of using such a narrative is that you can put yourself in the author’s shoes and will perhaps be able to understand how to create your own success. There are also many examples and applications of the Compass Form that show how and why it works.

Its biggest pro is also sort of its biggest con. While the personal stories of the author add a great deal of insights into the self-help method, it also becomes a little too biographical. And not all readers enjoy reading someone else’s life stories. Still, this shouldn’t be a deterrent in any way. Before You Begin is a genuine attempt by the author to share the reasons/methods behind his success. And if the personal stories aren’t a problem, then you will enjoy it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who feels they need a push to get what they want. If you don’t have the time to read those bulky self-help books or haven’t yet found the right one, this could be it.

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Jacob Coldwell is a certified life coach, husband and father. He leverages the 12+ years as a business owner to guides leaders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and focus on what matters. view profile

Published on April 08, 2020

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