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Becoming Grim


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A unique point of view with a vivid world! Becoming Grim is the best paranormal book I've read in years. Captivating and inspiring.

From the moment Piper steps on the plane to head to Hell, the book holds you in its death-like grip and doesn't let go until the end. What I liked most about the book is how real Piper is. She isn't perfect and she openly admits it and those flaws carry with her through the book, making for a fun and adventurous read.

The world building is fantastic and captivating.

Straight away, the author sets up the rules for how the afterlife is chosen and it's fantastic. Through the world building the author carried me on a journey that was sometimes fun and comical, and other times a wild, emotional roller coaster as Piper discovers her new world.

The editing is flawless and beautifully done, and it's one of the most well written first-person, present tense narrations I've read in a long time. Few authors are able to pull this kind of storytelling together so well that it holds your attention from beginning to end, but Tomlinson has finished the job.

The only flaw within the book may be the Zeke POV, which isn't written nearly as well as Piper's. The constant changing back and forth threw me off as chapters transitioned, mostly because Zeke felt unnatural and awkward, even for a Grim. In the beginning they are so short that they don't tell me much I don't already know until a few chapters later. Otherwise, the narration for Piper is flawless and despite this small complaint, it is neither enough to take away a star or to distract from the rest of the story.

Each of the characters are dynamic, fun and memorable. Each person Piper meets along the way fits a different part of the plot and adds another level of flavor to the story.

Teenagers and adults with a passion for fantasy alike will both fall in love with this book. I seriously believe that with the combination of Piper and Zeke's characters there's a strong market for both male and female younger readers. The author sets up a world that offers comedy and drama alike in a single breathtaking swoop that will leave any reader begging for more.

I fell in love with Becoming Grim from the very first paragraph and that love continued until the very last sentence. Because of this, I give the book a 5 out of 5 stars. I can't wait to read more from this author, and hopefully see more from the world of Becoming Grim.

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Ashley Tomlinson was born in a very small town in South Carolina and now she lives in a slightly larger city in South Carolina with her husband. She knew she wanted to be a writer in high school but didn’t pursue it fully until she was in her twenties. view profile

Published on July 30, 2019

Published by Animus Ferrum Publishing

50000 words

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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