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Become a Millionaire by Guiding People



What if you could become RICH while GUIDING others?
What if your WEALTH improved the lives of people you’ve never even met?
What would your life look like as a PASSIONATE MILLIONAIRE?
In this inspirational workbook for wealth you will unlock the secrets of top entrepreneurs, learn the underlying principles for growing your business with passion, and discover how to cultivate an abundance mindset that will open you up to opportunities for financial success.

Filled with actionable advice and designed to be read in just a couple of hours, this highly interactive roadmap to entrepreneurial success will change the way you think about business! Learn the 9 principles you need to implement to become a passionate millionaire, create multiple income streams and grow the confidence to market and sell your best product or service to those who need it most.


Though, in this book, we will be using the term “A Passionate Millionaire” which it

also describes someone rich in thoughts of mind and kindness!

A very simple explanation: It simply means a person with a purpose and who becomes

wealthy by doing “great” things for people.

Notice, the word “Passionate Millionaire” and not JUST a “Millionaire”

We are not using this term to just describe a person who earns a lot of money and

then uses their money to help others. That is wonderful too, though this book isn’t

about that. This book teaches us about the process of earning your money “by”

helping a lot of people as well as getting to know who you are and where you stand


This book is also an introduction to multiple streams of income or (M.S.I.) as rich

people call it. It’s “here” where the compound effect leis in.

Cool or Cool?

Now that you know what a Passionate Millionaire is, it’s time for you to become

one. What do you say to that?

Yes or Yes?

Let’s get started and have some fun!

We hope the insight of this book will help you achieve real and substantial financial


About the author

Jay Pacheco is a Mexican-Norwegian small business owner and investor. After starting from scratch as an entrepreneur a little over a year ago, Jay now operates in three work quadrants and helps new entrepreneurs build their businesses with passion and positivity. A self-taught businessman. view profile

Published on May 22, 2020

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