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Beat Depression


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Beat Depression is a jumping-off point for those feeling hopeless, chronically sad, uninspired and tired, to take heart and get inspired.

For all the heavy-hearted and pessimistic souls in the world in the throes of dejection, the idea to “beat depression” may seem as credible a task as climbing to the top of Mount Everest.

But some have doggedly conquered the trudge. In a metaphorical sense, one of them is author David M. Hinds, and in his latest book with the same name, he means what he says. 

“I have been where you are now,” writes Hinds, who dedicates “Beat Depression” to “all the depressed people in the world.”

“I will write for you and you will read for me.”

One need not have the strength, patience or concentration to read a book whose title purports a feat that sounds easier said than done, but Hines makes devouring this book, which can be likened to a small token of hope, pleasantly easy — not only with his encouraging words and empathic tone, but in addressing the elusive and sometimes erratic nature of depression, examining all its root causes, and offering useful strategies to work through it in brief, digestible chapters. 

Whatever your cause of depression, he’s talking to you: those in bereavement; the bullied teen; the man who withholds his feelings and drowns his sorrows in alcohol; the new mom with postpartum depression; the one who lost their job; the one who lost at love; the woman afflicted with Premenstral Syndrome; the dying person. The list goes on. There’s hope for everyone.

“Depression isn’t permanent,” he muses. “Life is going to get better and you will have peace of mind.” 

This comes from a man who survived two strokes, suicide, and a broken heart. “Beat Depression” — whose cover art depicts a dolphin (meant to denote the freedom from mental shackles associated with swimming with them) — is a jumping-off point for those feeling hopeless, chronically sad, uninspired and tired, to take heart and get inspired.

Not only does Hinds serve as the reader’s crutch, walking them through the causes of depression and the negative ramifications, both physical and emotional, of not seeking help, but he will cracks a smile on the faces of readers with his personal stories as well as helpful techniques to overcome transient feelings of anxiety and anger. 

While you’re in the midst of locating a good therapist or doctor, consider the narration a caring friend who genuinely wants the depressed reader to get better and find true happiness. Now. 

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Published on May 06, 2019

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