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Such an inspirational and enjoyable picture book which invites each of us to be our best self!


When was the last time you read something that drew both you and your child in? If you are looking for that kind of read, then look no further! BE is a visual poem that inspires us to be our very best self. Perfect for any child, of any age, perhaps even adults too!


I enjoyed reading this book, and I read it several times over. The beautiful artwork and extraordinary accompanying poetry both make it so very hard to put down! You will find yourself going over its pages many times over because the presentation is so clear and wonderfully inspirational.


In this picture book, the author invites children to “be” each word by using powerful imagery. Each character trait requires a page to express, and each expression is whimsical and entertaining. The author makes each trait identifiable by using a variety of animation style - to illustrate the importance of that word - thereby, drawing the reader in with both imagery and poetry.


This picture book has sixteen pages which are all filled with visual poetry. The theme is easy for any child to appreciate. My favourite page is the one that invites us to be helpful. The word-imagery for this trait has a magical quality to it that cannot be easily overlooked. Usually, being helpful, is held in such disdain that many fear to use it, but this book creates the word-imagery for helpful with such inspiration and magic that anyone would want to help! 


I would recommend this book to any child; it is motivating and short, and the story is supported by visual poetry that is accessible to all its readers. "Be" offers advice on how children can live their best life. But makes the emphatic point that the most important thing to be is yourself. What do you want to be?

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"Be" is a visual poem that attempts to change the value of being from occupation to character and provide guidance on how to live your best life. What do you want to be?

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Published on July 19, 2020

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