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Be An Awesome Boss! The Four C's Model to Leadership Success


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A departing CEO imparts wisdom to his replacement in a series of stories that illustrate four leadership components.

In this business leadership guide, a departing and dependable CEO, Dan, condenses all of his wisdom in a series of conversations with the company's next CEO, Marty. While the two talk in an office, Dan shares examples of how clarity, consistency, celebration and charity (or lack thereof) made a difference for the people he worked with together.

The book centers on examples of bad bosses and good bosses. Dan explains how principles like lack of clarity, like watching a TV show cut in and out of reception, can cause a team to become demoralized and tune out. "Don’t be like everyone else, Marty," Dan warns Marty. "Please, I beg you, don’t do it. That’s a sure way to fail.” 

The book contains helpful leadership principles, and examples of how they are applied in small and big ways, from having a clear mission to celebrating birthdays to make people feel special.

The teacher-and-pupil format has a modern-day Socratic method feel. Dan keeps probing and asking questions, and Marty gets confused at first before having a breakthrough. This delivery method is efficient, but at the same time long sections of back-and-forth dialogue can quickly becomes stale and stilted. The reader may want to take walking and stretch breaks, much like Dan does throughout.

For an effective summary of the Four C's Model principles, readers may want to read the epilogue, which has a concise and straightforward summary for review or quick application.

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Published on May 13, 2019

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