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Baxter Meets His Monster


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Baxter is back - with another funny and engaging picture story book for kids of all ages!

I enjoyed reading this book - my first in the Baxter series! It is easy to read, comedic and the pictures and use of colour are easy on the eyes. This book is best suited for primary children, accompanied by a older family member.

Baxter goes on an adventure one dark, stormy night. But he is surprised and unsure when a cloud shows up in his yard. He can't imagine anything good coming out of this strange dark cloud and dreams up every possible monster that has powers to do him in. But, brave Baxter confronts this unknown monster and is surprised to find out that she is one of the kindest creatures Baxter will ever meet.

 Baxter is no stranger to fantastic creatures, and neither is the author who dreams up animals like a "rhinophant" and a "crocowhale". The talented author not only comes up with good names for her imaginary fantastical creatures, but she actually draws them. She appears to be using digital artwork with simulated pencil crayons, which should be accessible to all her readers and fun to look at while reading.

 The author does a good job not only artistically, but her literary style is excellent. She uses rhythm and rhyme to draw young readers in with short poetic sentences. And by asking questions, the reader is forced to think like the author of these fantastic creatures. This keeps the reader's attention and desire to keep reading.

In brief, the author encourages readers not to judge monsters by their size, their color and by the shape of their paws, but by their heart. Although a picture book, this story is something many adults would do well to learn too. As such, I would recommend this book to anyone with an early reader to encourage reading.

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Baxter The Dog is no stranger to fantastic creatures. In his first adventure, "Baxter Goes to Imagination Land," he met a cast of colorful characters. However, on a dark, stormy night, he is surprised and unsure when something strange and wild shows up at his door. Will Baxter judge a creature by their size, their color and by the shape of their paws, or will he learn that monsters aren't always monsters after all?

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Jennifer Hart is a storyteller from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her stories encourage readers to pursue all things kind, adventurous, and creative. She owns a creative solutions company, Hart House Creative and is part of the 2019-2022 Nevada Artist's Roster. Please, visit to learn more. view profile

Published on March 20, 2020

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