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Bars for Days


Loved it! 😍

Wow. What a journey I just was just taken on through the life of an artist.

I am the first to announce that I do not have any real understanding of urban, hip hop culture; however, that does not stop me from trying to learn. Why would someone from a rural, agricultural area seek to understand a lifestyle that is completely foreign to my environment? I firmly believe that this lifestyle is migrating into my region. Secondly, I believe that there are similarities between all lifestyles and we can relate to each and every individual even if we do not have anything in common on the surface.

Overall, this was a very insightful read. It had plenty of personal stories that allowed me to get to know the author. As the pages turned I was given vivid details of the author's life and also given a glimpse of what made the writer take the action a dozen pages later. This memoir read with ease and I could not stop turning the page and constantly wanted to read more and more. I finished it in a surprising amount of time for the length of the work.

This speaks to the abilities of Nickels to keep my brain engaged and my fingers moving. This does not even begin to mention the soundtrack that accompanies the book where again, we are given an unreal work of art. I am coming to value anyone that is willing to write and record something and then I value them even more when they put it out into the world. This is not something to sneeze at and to coordinated the two works together takes talent.

I could go on and on about this book and the music that accompanies it but instead I would simply tell you that you will enjoy hearing about the life of a dreamer and artist. Through the streets of New York City and the beats in our ears we hear you Nickels, we hear you.

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As a musician, Nickels has made countless collaborations with various artists across the globe. As a writer, he examines the works of Hemingway and Vonnegut. In his spare time, Nickels spends time with his three children, watches a lot of sci-fi, and visits ancient ruins around the globe. view profile

Published on December 10, 2021

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