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Bard, an epic tale of grand adventure, follows the young bard's journey from training to the darkest secrets of foreign royalty in the East.

Cornered and assaulted by ghouls, a mysterious maiden is rescued by a young boy named Bran, and she gifts him with a mysterious gem before vanishing without a trace. Bran is a simple but hard-working young man, whose destiny holds epic implications. Sent to train as a Bard as his now-blacksmith father once did, Bran finds himself swept up in a world he never knew existed outside the humble village he has survived in his entire life.

Bard, an epic tale of grand adventure, follows the young bard's journey from Bard-in-training with his friends to the deepest, darkest secrets of foreign royalty in the East. Along the way friends and made and lost, the lines between black and white are muddied to grey. Bran must battles between passion and hate as he travels through foreign lands and survives dangerous foes in search of the love who granted him the gem he cannot remove and that prohibits him from being with any other.

Watt's use of vivid imagery truly brings this story to life for readers. The world is inhabited by every kind of fantasy creature from elves and dwarves to harpies and goblins, and Watt does an amazing job challenging some of the stereotypes of each race while also maintaining the classic strengths in each that fantasy readers will love.

The deep darkness of the human heart is mirrored in corrupt immortal emperors and kings, while hope and love are still potent within the hearts of the characters we meet.

The present-tense narration in Bard was a little difficult to read and stay connected to over such a long book and there are some minor inconsistencies/unclear points in the plot regarding certain changes and decisions that Bran makes as well as the outcome of his friends, but it is definitely worth powering through the narrative style for this unique and unpredictable story.

Younger readers (as the synopsis advises this can be read by older teens) should be aware that Bard definitely is definitely a dark fantasy. Trigger warnings include scenes and depictions of physical and sexual assault, murder, mentions of incest, graphic deaths/war, graphic injuries/deaths of children, explicit sex scenes, and gore.

Being a very original take on the good vs evil and fated-lovers tropes, this fantasy adventure would be a great read for lovers of the Game of Thrones series and Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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I am a USA Today Bestselling author and developmental editor with 10+ years of experience. I am a huge fan of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, J.R.R. Tolkien, Clare B. Dunkle, and Timothy Zahn. I also enjoy indie works by Nicole Wells, Andrei Saygo, and Luke Courtney.


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Dan Watt's introduction to fantasy fiction started with the animated version of the Hobbit and playing Dungeon and Dragons. He has since read books by Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore, and many others. For him reading fantasy fiction is a mixture of dreamlike observation of our world and escapism. view profile

Published on January 24, 2021

110000 words

Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Epic Fantasy

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