Bad Karma


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So painfully true you wish it was fiction! A laugh-out-loud (to keep from crying) romp about what not to do bridging the gap into adulthood.

"Bad Karma" is a what not to do tale as you graduate from childhood into adulthood. Misadventures, poor judgement, a naivete that's equal parts something to rejoice in and yet be surprised by. A trip to hell and back that, surprisingly, everyone survives!

An untapped wilderness adventure that calls to many a young man's heart. Something to be conquered and to become known for and by. Memories made that are able to last one's lifetime and then some. A nostalgic turn that by bringing to light one is able to finally, fully move past. A putting to bed of what once was and what will never be again. Not sad but a work of acknowledgement, triumph; a shaking of one's head in mischievous jest, embarrassment, gratitude, and a hope that one's mistakes and past is not a part of their loved one's futures.

"Bad Karma" is a book that reminds me of the coming of age movie "Stand by Me" but with, perhaps, a more adult themed story-line told. Moments in time of friendships that are a once-in-a-lifetime experience to find oneself a part of. Some last, some don't, and some change to a point of no return; however, all make an impression that's unforgettable.

There are parts of this book that are utterly disgusting; and, were it not for a hurricane I believe people would've been jumping overboard! It had me laughing out loud, which is something I rarely do while reading; but, this book is raw honesty that affords a front row seat to mayhem without risk of getting wet.

One part of the book I was able to personally relate to: A potential marriage match that left one questioning. For me, it was being in another country and a family asking if I'd adopt their son. Not because they didn't love him but because they loved him so much and wanted better for him than what they could provide. I had to turn them down, just as this author evaded providing an answer; those are moments that haunt and people never forgotten.

A must read regarding the misadventures of youth. The ways in which things are resolved are equal parts heartbreaking and understandable; unbelievable and yet true. A wholeness of life revealed that takes decades to see fully. For this, it's text that's rich and should be rewarded with nothing less than the 5 stars given here.

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Published on November 21, 2019

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