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A look into what it takes to become a background extra on screen, which could be your foray into the big league.

You must have read many books on how to become a star or how to bag the lead role in your favorite director’s film. This book is definitely not one of those. This book takes you in the opposite direction and gives you an inside look at how important it is to be a background performer and how you can become one.

Now, everyone wants to be the star, the protagonist, the one whose picture is on the poster and gets billed with the rest of the stellar cast. But a movie/feature is not made up of only one “star”. There are innumerable background stars and unsung protagonists who make the magic happen.

Back to One is filled with useful information about the kinds of background work, types of performers, the crew, the requirements, and tips and tricks to becoming a performer in your own right. The author provides ample examples of the work that background performers do and how important they are to making a feature more realistic.

The advice is not restricted to movies and television alone. There are also tips for commercials, talk shows, game shows, and other forms of entertainment that seek background performers.

If you aren’t serious about acting as a full-time profession and just want to test the waters, this is the perfect book for you. And even if you are looking to become the next Meryl Streep or Leonard DiCaprio, this book is a great first step.

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The Actions of Background Work

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Kevin went on to study at the University of Southern California for Theatre & Cinema-Television business. He has dozens of background & stand-in credits, over 20 principal credits, and over 20 below-the-line production credits including the Academy Awards and the primetime Emmys. Kevin lives in ATL view profile

Published on December 29, 2019

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