Baby Jesus What is Racism?


Loved it! 😍

Need of the hour book, must have in library. It teaches children about tolerance and love towards one another. Valuable lesson.

This was my second children's book pick and I am still smiling after reading it for the third time. I read the story to my eight-year-old daughter and she hugged me tightly when it finished. She said it's difficult to accept differences since we are tuned to accept similarities. Anyone who is different is seen as an outsider or an eccentric. The book struck a chord within her, and I saw her mellow down and think about the theme of the book.

Racism is a topic which is difficult to present to children. But the authors here have done a beautiful job. The book begins with two bears fighting with each other on the basis of colour. This disturbs Paloma, the peace loving musical dove. The shouts could be heard in the skies as well. Paloma comes down to check what the matter is, and sees the heart breaking fight between the two. She tries to bring some sense into them and speaks of love for each other. But when she feels her efforts failing she calls upon Baby Jesus and Agnus.

Baby Jesus and Agnus appear before them. He teaches them to love, respect and be kind to each other, irrespective of colour. We are all brothers and sisters since God created us in His image as one. Hence we should not differentiate on such trivial standards of colour, race, sex, financial standing and so on. Each one of us deserves respect and love. Tuti has dealt with a very tough theme in the most delicate manner. When the brown bear and white bear fight, Baby Jesus and Agnus asks them to pray so that God will open their hearts. With acceptance comes love and they are both introduced to Pandalf, a black and white panda who teaches the most valuable lesson of love: to see what is inside a person and not the outer covering. It is the heart that matters the most; the physical covering changes and is not important when it comes to love.

A beautiful read for small kids, and valuable asset for teachers to teach these lessons.

I received an ARC of the book in exchange of an honest review. My views are unbiased and not influenced by the writer or publisher.

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What would Baby Jesus do if he saw so much injustice?

"Paloma hears a devastating cries from the skies. The bears are not getting along, their differences are causing a fuss.

Their fight is insane, all bears are the same.

Baby Jesus, Agnus and Paloma are calling all kids to join them, as they set out on a quest to resolve all differences and save the bears from injustice."

In this colorful and dynamic book, children will learn to be kind to each other.

This book is a timeless tool that can be used to teach children that different is good.

What is Racism, is the perfect teaching aid for parents, teachers, sunday schools and classrooms. The core concepts of this tale will empower children to take action against injustice.

You are going to want every kid you know to read this book.

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Interdisciplinary artists and writers, Tuti and Tacho, have been friends for a long time. They created Baby Jesus, to instill values at a very young age that promote the well being of Mother Earth and all it's living creatures. view profile

Published on July 13, 2020

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