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Awesome on Your Own Terms: Intentional Practices to Help You Stop Shoulding and Start Succeeding


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Powerful book of overcoming our own inner challenges to uncover our inner brilliance

Nicole Lance's book, Awesome on Your Own Terms, reminds us that the challenging work of the human experience is natural and serves as a unifying factor. She encourages readers to delve deeper into their psyche through the activities in this book to understand more about themselves, including their motivations, anxieties, and dreams. As a chronic worrier, the author is an excellent advocate for advising others on how to silence their questioning inner voices and enable their authentic voices to emerge. There can often be fear in sitting alone with our thoughts, yet by doing this work we can learn greater lessons about what we want. The book teaches the reader how to discover their inner skills and resources, allowing them to launch their life in a new direction.

She recommends the reader use tactics such as deep breathing, journaling, and walking while acknowledging that these approaches might be challenging for individuals who have difficulty with racing thoughts. The questions throughout the chapters allow for reflection.

Nicole invites the reader to analyze fear and doubt. She suggests identifying whether an individual is experiencing resistance because the activity does not match their real nature or because they are resistant to the action. In the latter case, she recognizes the reader's apprehension but urges them to go forth into the unknown to do the terrifying thing.

The reader is inspired to use these concepts in their personal and professional life. The author believes in setting intentions and then taking action to accomplish those goals. She has held a variety of leadership positions and founded her own company. This has allowed her to incorporate these techniques into her everyday life and to assist others in developing them for their businesses.

This motivational book presents the reader with new approaches to former techniques. The author’s narrative style is refreshing. Unlike gurus who write from a standpoint that appears to have never felt stress, she speaks from a perspective of being overworked and anxious. It is clear why people seek this author for advice and coaching as she provides excellent procedures on how to get through internal noise while enabling the reader to work towards their goals and success. We should not be afraid to do the work to discover our inner awesome.

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Nicole Lance is a certified coach, proud mom and stepmom, happy partner to her husband Sean, and ignorer of laundry piles. You can usually find her journaling and writing in her big yellow chair, working with coaching clients, facilitating with teams, and speaking at conferences. view profile

Published on November 21, 2022

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