Awakening the Soul of Power: How to Live Heroically and Set Yourself Free


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Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power and Release the Hero Inside You?

Tired of giving away your power? Had enough of saying yes when inside you feel no? Do you have an ambivalent relationship to power—you want it but are afraid of it?

"Awakening the Soul of Power," the first book in the "Calling All Heroes" series, rethinks what heroism means in the 21st century and reveals practical tools to help you embark on a journey to personal freedom. It focuses on personal empowerment because the way you embody, express and relate to power impacts every area of your life.

If you long for healthier relationships and a life filled with meaning and purpose, this book holds the keys to getting what you want. "Awakening the Soul of Power" will help you:

• Heal toxic relationship patterns

• Negotiate power struggles successfully

• Stop cheating yourself and playing small

• Conquer insecurity and unworthiness

Unlock the secrets of personal empowerment and unleash your inner hero . . . starting today!


Dear Reader:

I hope you enjoy Book 1 in my Calling All Heroes series.

Completing this book has probably been a journey of ten

years, but really, a lifetime. Of course, I wasn’t writing or actively

working on it during all that time, but thinking about, conceiving

the teachings, letting them brew, testing them out in retreats,

putting them into practice myself.

So here we are. Finally. And not a moment too soon! What

a world we now live in! Interestingly, the book’s message is more

timely now than ever. I’ve been saying “All hands on deck!” for

years and calling people forth to living heroically. Guess what?

We’re here. The time many of us suspected would come. No

more time for getting ready or getting yet one more certification

before stepping into our roles as teachers and healers (however we

express that). Time to rise to our highest potential. To go beyond

what we thought was possible. Even remaining centered, calm,

and positive amid the insanity of our collective crises is nothing

short of heroic.

These are not hypothetical, theoretical, woo-woo teachings.

They will require some inner work, but the rewards are priceless.

Freedom. Ultimately, that’s what we’re talking about.

The teachings work. They helped me transform from a shy,

inhibited individual stifled by self-doubt, to an undaunted,

unwavering, internationally recognized authority and expert.


These days, no matter the details and circumstances of my life,

I no longer question my self-worth. Never.

I do still tend to resist writing. For me, it’s a long, solitary

process and an intense one because I am committed to walking

my talk, which means that I not only stand for everything I write

about in these pages but also practice these teachings personally.


Awakening the Soul of Power will help you discover and unleash

the hero inside of you. And yes, there is one. I promise. I know.

As I just alluded to, I am an unlikely person to be writing about

heroism and personal empowerment.

This book will change your life in profound and positive

ways, especially if you take the time to slow down and engage

with the Power Practices—the hero tasks in each chapter. This

will help you embody the teachings and integrate them into your

life. To make them real and practical and transform your life. If

you long for personal freedom, relationships that work and a life

filled with meaning and purpose, I truly believe this series will

help you accomplish those things.

A couple of notes. You’ll notice I alternate gender pronouns.

He/she gets boring and tedious. Also, retreat participant names

have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. Finally,

I chose to use the word hero generically for all. Heroine smacks

of something else, and as a lover of words, I just can’t go there

with “shero.” Forgive me. In its original Greek or in Latin or any

of the modern romance languages, the “he” in hero has nothing

to do with gender.

When you’ve finished reading, I’d really appreciate it if you’d

take a couple of minutes to leave a review on Amazon and other

online retailers. (It’s easy—even a sentence or two is enough.)

In today’s online publishing world, reader reviews can make a

real difference and contribute to a book’s success. Your posting

a review may just make a difference in someone’s life—and will

be deeply appreciated. Of course, be honest. It’s okay to offer

constructive criticism. I promise I will read every one of them.


Will you help spread the word? Imagine the effect in the

world of 1,000,000 Soulful Heroes—all practicing and living

these teachings—by 2025 and 5,000,000 by 2030.

I love hearing from readers. You can contact me directly

through my website For support on the

journey and community with other Soulful Heroes, join the free

Facebook Group: Unleash Your Inner Hero.

Be a hero, your own kind of hero. How will you express

heroism in your own life?

Much love and countless blessings on your journey!


About the author

With 30 years of experience, award-winning, critically acclaimed author and TEDx speaker Christian de la Huerta is a sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach and leading voice in the breathwork community. His transformational retreats offer lasting and life-changing effects. view profile

Published on October 01, 2020

70000 words

Genre: Self-help

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