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Awaken the Three


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Epic fantasy with good versus evil, supernatural against humanity, and dark battles between moments of peace.

"Awaken the Three" by D.L. Jennings is epic fantasy with good versus evil, supernatural against humanity, and dark battles between moments of peace. With multiple plot lines, the book moves quickly via a well established cast of characters.

Characters are clearly defined. This made it really helpful to differentiate them from each other since there are so many of them. The descriptions are vivid, creating clear images. The scenes are action packed and move the plot lines quickly. Stealth and battles flowed excitedly with less stressful moments and character building. Throughout the book, the writing style is clear yet dramatic; modern yet lending to an archaic fantasy.

"Small fires still burned, feeding greedily on corpses and grass. The dead armor melted to them like purple-and-gold caskets, lay still in repose."

The glossary of people and places made it easier to keep track of all the various unusual names, characters, and relationships. It was a handy resource. At times I found the plot murky and the mix of characters difficult to keep track of, so this glossary was a handy resource. Maps are included which emphasize the large and diverse world the author has created. It was fun to go back to the maps while reading to better imagine where places and people were win relation to each other.

This is book two of a series. I have not read book one, so I felt a little lost especially at the beginning. The tools the author provided (glossary, maps) along with his excellent writing skills helped me to jump in.

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About the author

D. L. Jennings is an award-winning fantasy author and 14-year veteran of the United States Air Force. As a means of escape over his 11 deployments, Jennings began writing his debut novel, which served as a distraction from the rigors of his combat tours. He likes '90s punk and Ohio State football. view profile

Published on May 11, 2020

Published by Indigo River

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

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